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A Catch-up Round-up.

These past couple of months have been extremely hard. Having to make the decision for Ellie when she was still so bright in herself nearly totally broke me. John is still struggling with balancing his meds to have some sort of life. Breathing is often quite a challenge for him especially first thing in the… Continue reading A Catch-up Round-up.


October the Beginning

In a fuel shortage we have probably clocked up more miles these past few weeks than ever! There has been a long list of hospital appointments for both of us. My physio is coming along great and I'm actually feeling the improvements. John has been doing well until the breathlessness started to become a problem.… Continue reading October the Beginning


April the Last Bit

Another month nearly done! Yesterday I started the prep for the solar dyeing and today put some of the colours into the 1.5 litre kilner jars. On the left is Chlorophyll and Logwood, in the middle is Rhubarb root and madder. both of these came in the kits. The jar on the right has gorse… Continue reading April the Last Bit


Late May

This week I dug out and dusted off my overlocker! I bought it over 7 years ago to make a few baby dresses for Olivia. I think it scared the living daylights out of me and I reverted to the sewing machine! I think it's the speed and finality of it cutting the seam that… Continue reading Late May