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A Catch-up Round-up.

These past couple of months have been extremely hard. Having to make the decision for Ellie when she was still so bright in herself nearly totally broke me. John is still struggling with balancing his meds to have some sort of life. Breathing is often quite a challenge for him especially first thing in the… Continue reading A Catch-up Round-up.


Augtember Hmmmm

Who would have ever thought August would slide into being an autumnal month! It's certainly been feeling that way with chilly, damp and grey mornings often with mist in the valleys and warmer, sunny afternoons. I don't think I've done the summer/winter wardrobe swap over for several years and months like this are exactly why.… Continue reading Augtember Hmmmm


Half Past August

Bit of a catch up this week! First welcome to you if you have just joined me and come from Sandra's blog Wild Daffodil. Feel free to browse and join in! Question: do you wear an apron? Creative ones I mean, not the cooking type. I have several and have noticed once I put one… Continue reading Half Past August


Melting in July

The summer heat finally arrived and now we’re all moaning it’s too hot. I do love being English and having the foibles of our never quite right weather. The brain hasn’t really wanted to function on things that need working on like coursework so I’ve been in the shade with things that don’t take too… Continue reading Melting in July


Early April

I hope you had a good Easter this year. Compared to how scary everything seemed this time last year hope lies on the horizon now. At least the sun shines, between the snow showers and howling northerly winds! I finished the Stitchwheel which was designed and demonstrated by Cathy Reavy at Threads. I didn't want… Continue reading Early April


Catch Up

I have quite a list of completed projects. I'll start with a chunky cardie I made for me to wear around the house. A nice easy pattern that knitted up quick. I've added pockets since taking this photo. I also finished a waistcoat for Grandson which he had chosen. To be honest the mis matching… Continue reading Catch Up