March Snow

Last week I took out a sweater to wear and wanted a brooch for it. As I couldn't find one I wanted to wear I went downstairs and made a couple. I've been chasing these two kilt pins aoound my desk for years so it was about time they became something. Also each morning I… Continue reading March Snow


February So Far

I've had a bit of a strange month. Back in June I started having issues with my right knee. Up until then it was the only joint that wasn't affected by arthritis! I had what was a Baker's Cyst on the back which popped after I knelt down unthinking to do something with the puppy.… Continue reading February So Far


Later January

My blood pressure is averaging 170/100 with the tablets so still needs a bit of tweaking. I guess it’s something I will now have to live with and monitor. Not sure when I can add proper exercise in again but hopefully soon! Thank you for the kind comments and messages, you're a lovely supporting group!… Continue reading Later January