Another Month On

We were told/warned that the 4 to 6 week period after a death is probably the worst part and they could be right though it’s all pretty awful to be honest. The time when the quiet descends, the funeral is past, all the paperwork has been signed, all the meeting with his friends and old… Continue reading Another Month On

Creating · Stitch

More Stitch

A few years ago we decided to buy leather sofas against everything we ever said about them. We'd had them before and remember how cold and slippery they were. We thought with the dogs it would be an easier, cleaner option. That turned out to be at the expense of our actual comfort. After 4… Continue reading More Stitch


Being in the Wars

Well we’ve had a few weeks of strangeness starting with John and a nosebleed. Not just any nosebleed of course. His has to involve blood vessels well up into the sinus cavity and being on two types of blood thinners. Then there was the no response from 111, 999 having a 4 hour minimum ambulance… Continue reading Being in the Wars


Slowly Getting Done

Well I can't quite believe how fast May has gone! Though we've had warm weather we've also had some torrential downpours and massive thunderstorms and lightning. Little Gwyn has taken it all in her stride thankfully. Quick catch up with the Stitch and Crochet a Longs. The Nordic sampler is almost up to date with… Continue reading Slowly Getting Done