March Snow

Last week I took out a sweater to wear and wanted a brooch for it. As I couldn't find one I wanted to wear I went downstairs and made a couple. I've been chasing these two kilt pins aoound my desk for years so it was about time they became something. Also each morning I… Continue reading March Snow


Quick Update

I've dug out another UFO and finished it. Way back in 2012 Elsa and I went the the Quilt Championships at Sandown and she loved the quilts by Susan Briscoe. Having bought her Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks book we started making up some of the blocks together. It was lovely working as a team. As… Continue reading Quick Update


Late May

This week I dug out and dusted off my overlocker! I bought it over 7 years ago to make a few baby dresses for Olivia. I think it scared the living daylights out of me and I reverted to the sewing machine! I think it's the speed and finality of it cutting the seam that… Continue reading Late May


Ugly Done

It's been a bit of a strange week. It's passed even faster than normal and I don't know why! We've pottered in the garden when we can but there is a really horrible east wind and it's not nice staying out there too long. Frosts have returned too so lots of covering up and bringing… Continue reading Ugly Done


Just Keeping Busy

After finishing the Hygge I was left with quite a lot of the Catona yarn. It was in the Rainbow colourway so this morning I made our rainbow from the leftovers. There’s not too many people in the village and not many children at all but it’s our little bit of hope in the window… Continue reading Just Keeping Busy