Recovery and Remodel

John and I have both spent the past week with laryngitis. Loads of strange throats and warbling voices. I think we are just about over it now but it’s been a strange week!

Yesterday I made another Bionic Gear Bag (BGB).

Well it was a bit of a remodel of the pattern as I made the pockets clear after seeing the Queen of Pouches and Bags Benta at Slikstitches use vinyl.

Very pleased with the result as I can now see all the junk I can hide in it.

Despite not feeling too great we had a friend over for walkies and it was a beautiful day up on the down behind the house.

I also had the moth trap out with some new to us results.

Common Swift
Green Carpet
Silver Ground Carpet
Heart and Dart

Treble Lines

We’ve had the trap out a couple of times other than this and only some Hebrew Characters, a Hornet and dozens of Cockchaffers so quite pleased with these.

Off to my local West Country Embroiderers tomorrow for a sit and stitch.

Have a great week!

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One Reliquary Casket

I’ve finished, ish, the casket using Linda’s samples.

It was just an itch to scratch and still needs something. Probably dangles from the closure or a bit more bling somewhere. I gold foiled the inside so it is bling in there!

We had our second Crafty Cuppa this week too. Tracy has been adding rows to her ripple bedspread.

She also finished a Scandi hat, so cute! 😄

And we helped Pauline to relearn crochet. She picked it up again really fast. She’s going straight back in with a rabbit, should be fun!

Well it’s nearly mid May and it’s still a little chilly out there. I’ve restrained myself from putting out my tender succulents so far but the beans in the greenhouse are growing like triffids and need to go out soon! We do half direct and half under glass to start with but they all catch up in the end.

The moth trap has been out a few times but nothing much to report yet. This morning we had a rather handsome Mullein moth amongst a few other regulars and loads of Cockchaffers, May Bugs. Just look at that crest!

And a huge hornet coming out of its sleep.

Roll on a bit of warmth, but perhaps not quite as hot as last year!!

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Eventually Things Come Forth!

We’re back from Wales and it’s been a bit of a mad catchup with life! I have sorted all my treasures though, piles of them.

While sorting I did find a bag of bits Linda Monk had given me of some of her experiments.

Im not sure what I am aiming for with them but I did pull out one piece and have started with over printing…

And some stitch…

I’m now adding some beading and hand stitch. It’s actually going back to something I saw at the Musée de Cluny, Paris in 2014. These things sometimes take time to percolate through.

I’ve also done a leeeetle bit of wet felting for a cushion panel. We at West Country Embroiders Wimborne are making these to fund raise for Bournemouth Hospital this year. Not sure if it’s going to come out how I want but there’s a fair way to go yet!

I have discovered the reason for no posts to Blogger is Safari. I switched to Chrome on the iPad and all seems well. The only thing is I hate using Chrome on the iPad but I’m remembering to switch over when I’m having trouble. It seems quite intermittent and only some blogs are affected. Still loving the million things I can do with WordPress from the iPad though!

I’m enjoying blogging again. I occasionally remember to look and add to Instagram but that’s just ‘here’s a picture’. There’s not much depth to it, no background or story.  On Facebook I’m still taking part in my various groups but to actually post as me is, again, fairly rare. Things disappear into the ether quite quickly on there. The blog is me, mine, us, here, my diary of sorts. I’ve made the effort, now I’ve moved, of going through my old blog list and reconnecting with those still active. I’ve looked at blogs others follow and found new ones to follow too. Our whole outlook on these things often changes like a tide and I’ve gone from nearly all American quilting to mostly British/European mixed media as I have changed and grown myself.

Blogging is certainly a slower, more meaningful way of communicating and looking back and reflection so, even though it seems out of favour at the moment, maybe it too will come around again.

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Some Mixed Media and Paintwork

I brought a concertina book, a pink pig sketchbook and one I had made specifically for this place and I’ve actually done some work in each of them.

I found a jellyfish washed up and did a few closeup studies on it. Beautiful colours.

And the rocks here are lovely. Each bay and beach is so different.

I’ve not wanted to think in terms of ‘painting’ but more a means of remembering. There is Mixed Media in the backgrounds and I’ve used found objects, feathers and bamboo from the garden to make marks. I’m hoping to be able to transfer some of this to stitch either with textiles or/and paper.

This will be a long term, on going project with each visit adding more.

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No Stitch but Paint

John and I have done a lot of travelling, mostly BW (before Willow) and I have never really taken advantage and been one of these people who sketch and paint it all. It’s something I’ve always felt guilty about. The sketchbook is packed but it comes back unopened. I do, however, have lots of stitched pieces that remind me of these places as I’ve worked on them on the move.

So what made this lot join me?

Recently an expecting friend of mine showed me her new baby changing bag and I immediately thought studio! It has waterproof lining, pockets everywhere and a metal frame top to keep its shape. As a backpack it’s easy to carry too.

As you can see I can pack loads in.

It helps that I’m currently staying at our most favourite place after home and I know what there is to inspire. I’m waking to possibly my most favourite sound, curlew, there’s lots to explore and the view just keeps me hooked.

Storm Hannah has just been through and the beaches are refreshed with goodies. I’ve been collecting and will try and actually use them to fill some pages in the sketchbooks I have with me. I’ve recently taken some workshops to try and kickstart me again and, well, we will see.