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A few years ago we decided to buy leather sofas against everything we ever said about them. We'd had them before and remember how cold and slippery they were. We thought with the dogs it would be an easier, cleaner option. That turned out to be at the expense of our actual comfort. After 4… Continue reading More Stitch

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A Catch-up Round-up.

These past couple of months have been extremely hard. Having to make the decision for Ellie when she was still so bright in herself nearly totally broke me. John is still struggling with balancing his meds to have some sort of life. Breathing is often quite a challenge for him especially first thing in the… Continue reading A Catch-up Round-up.

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A Couple of Days Away

Elsa had a meeting in London last Friday so I tagged along. The weather was pretty good for charging around city streets, appalling for June though. Once we’d checked our bags in and Elsa had gone off I went and had breakfast and decided to walk from Trafalgar Square over to Victoria and Shepherd’s Bookbinders.… Continue reading A Couple of Days Away