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A Catch-up Round-up.

These past couple of months have been extremely hard. Having to make the decision for Ellie when she was still so bright in herself nearly totally broke me. John is still struggling with balancing his meds to have some sort of life. Breathing is often quite a challenge for him especially first thing in the… Continue reading A Catch-up Round-up.


More Texture

I enjoyed my class with Alison Board last month so much I carried on playing for ages!  I have experimented with mountboard, papers, lutrador, Khadi, scrim, calico to name but a few.Some have been burnt away, others re layered and, like the little book covers I showed, some can be stitched through.The way all the texture hold… Continue reading More Texture

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A Tinker Here…

I laid this up the other day.  Lots of scraps, sari silks and organza pieces.It was predominantly green and I couldn't find the balance.  Mind you green is not one of my favourite colours it seems so perhaps that was the problem.  Then yesterday Linda blogged THIS post on her page and it twigged that the green needed a play mate.  I… Continue reading A Tinker Here…

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Moving Swiftly On

OK so that's November almost done too.  Someone has definitely speeded up this year too fast.  Could we have a slower year next year? I've felt a little disjointed of late, not sure why.  Trying to settle to something has been weird and so half the time I've just done nothing instead!  Not very proactive.I decided I had better do something… Continue reading Moving Swiftly On