February So Far

I've had a bit of a strange month. Back in June I started having issues with my right knee. Up until then it was the only joint that wasn't affected by arthritis! I had what was a Baker's Cyst on the back which popped after I knelt down unthinking to do something with the puppy.… Continue reading February So Far

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A Weekend Away

Well despite doctors orders to stay resting, diastolic is still in higher 90’s, I went away for the weekend with my good friend Natalie, she who walks with me for charity as Ruger’s Ramblers. Back in 2019 John bought me a glass blowing course run fairly locally to us. It’s something I’ve always wanted to… Continue reading A Weekend Away



And what a strange month that turned out to be! Ups and downs and all over the place. Of course there was the sad news of the Queen's passing. I'm surprised at how shocked some people were. She was 96 and not long lost the love of her life. At least she had the foresight… Continue reading September