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July the Beginning

I’ve decided to join in with the Faby Riley Stitch-A-Long Jacquie which started at the end of last month. I know I have many other projects on the go but this one intrigued me and I’ve wanted to do a Faby for a while. Variety is the spice and all that! From the get go… Continue reading July the Beginning

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A Couple of Days Away

Elsa had a meeting in London last Friday so I tagged along. The weather was pretty good for charging around city streets, appalling for June though. Once we’d checked our bags in and Elsa had gone off I went and had breakfast and decided to walk from Trafalgar Square over to Victoria and Shepherd’s Bookbinders.… Continue reading A Couple of Days Away

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No Stitch but Paint

John and I have done a lot of travelling, mostly BW (before Willow) and I have never really taken advantage and been one of these people who sketch and paint it all. It's something I've always felt guilty about. The sketchbook is packed but it comes back unopened. I do, however, have lots of stitched… Continue reading No Stitch but Paint