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March the Last Bit

Tracy and I had a little jolly out the other week. We went to see New Forest Mohair as he had his shop open. I’ve seen him a few times at the shows but this was a first visit to his actual home and to see the goats too. We bought a few bits there but then went on into Lyndhurst for coffee. While there we had to have a look round the antique and charity shops of course.

I found this stoneware piece. Too big for eggs as it’s 3 inches across, unless goose size, but it had a nice feel to it and a good weight. Other than the little crest on the side there are no marks. John called it my holy grail, it was a little treasure to me.

I knew it would make a nice and unusual pincushion. I found a lovely bit of hand dyed silk velvet and made a pad. Lovely contrast to the ceramic texture.

Now it sits on my desk looking nice and sturdy.

Tracy has been collecting nice and unusual pictures for one of her loos and I had these two of the Montgolfier Brothers which we both liked when we did a Christmas Fare in the village hall a few years ago. They had been sitting on the table waiting for me to give them to her to add to her collection.

I had recently made some more tea dyed fabrics and this bit of lace kept catching my eye. I hope you can see where I’m going with this.

Yes, my little March page of my #monthlymeaningfulmakes has made itself again. Don’t you just love it when that happens. So, I now have a memory of a Christmas Fare and a trip out picture hunting with Tracy. I just need to stitch March, or maybe Mars would be more appropriate, and it’s done.

The algorithms that annoy us all on social media kept pushing something called the Book Nook in my direction. I was finally badgered enough to buy one. A little box arrived with lots of printed wooden pieces.

The printing on it is like a plastic over the wood and it took some time to find a glue that would actually work properly. Of course there’s no advice in the very limited instructions. Eventually I won though. Good job we creative types seem to have an adhesive for everything! I found Glossy Accents the best by the way. Superglue didn’t like the shiney and it was too fiddly to not be covered in it myself. Big downside is that the access to the battery box to turn the lights on and off is right at the back, very inconvenient as it’s supposed to be displayed in amongst your books!

I’ve also finished the Bothy Threads Snowy Stack piece, which I kept well away from the glue! I need to stretch it properly yet and figure out how I’m going to finish it off, maybe a frame for this one. There’s quite a bit of bling on it which doesn’t really show in a photo but it will sparkle at the end of the year. The strange lines in the picture aren’t really there, it’s the photo.

Lastly Natalie gave me a lovely gift of a weather vane. It was bought with friends of the GSP Rescue and our Pointer group. It was a lovely photo I had of Chris on a beach in County Clare, Ireland playing ball with Ruger, Ellie and Tully. They’re all together now playing ball over the rainbow bridge. Such a lovely thought.

I’m off to the golf course to see how well my knee can do. I’m playing with a lady who has had a brain tumor removed and two who have recently had hip replacements. We will probably be having early coffee!!

19 thoughts on “March the Last Bit

    1. First thing daughter Elsa said was, but you make those yourself already from scratch. Well I have done, it’s nice to not have to think too much sometimes though. 😄

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    1. It didn’t but the weather wasn’t kind and the lady with the head was finding it a little challenging in the wind. The coffee and good natter was great though.

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    1. Yes, quite cute really. I think there’s many varieties out there. It did take over my whole work desk for some time though!


  1. the wee bookstore brought a smile, while the weather vane brought a tear … emotions moved by your words and images

    and please, may I ask what you use to fill your pinkeeps?

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  2. I’m laughing lol. It was Kate (of Chiconia) who posted about book nooks and had me buying one, then more for the husband. He’s only completed one so far, but he enjoyed it very much.
    Love your xstitch piece and good luck to you and the other ladies on your golf!

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      1. Yes 1/12th, about the size of a new Hardback fiction. The little ceramic has a really lovely feel to it, I couldn’t leave it. Some things find their way to us.

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