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Scrap Happy March

Hello, I’m new!!

Yes I decided to join in with the monthly ScrapHappy Challenge when the offer came up as I am often using scraps lately in a bid to use up what I have rather than buy anything new. I have several plans in the pipeline but for this month I found a PHD (project half done). Well, some are done but others need finishing.

I made myself a Hussif some time ago (below right) and decided it was such a lovely totally hand sewn project just to let the mind rest I made some more.

I’d been having a clearout of a cupboard and found two boxes of scraps, some of which were good enough to group together in colour families. The outsides are sewn together with a neat seam over the previous piece of fabric so the stitching shows, almost Kwandi style but a little more precise. I then layer and hand quilt.

I’d worked out what my own Hussif needed so then I had a pattern to follow for the insides. A pocket with flap on the left for small notions, a scissor pocket with keeper and felt needle leaves in the centre and an open pocket to the right for threads.

So the two outers I hadn’t finished are now on my table having the insides added. My mind is calming, I have less scraps and I have a finished item. Or several.

I certainly have a warm fuzzy when I can #useupthecraftstuff and know I have a little less, even if only a micron!

Well there you go, my first link to ScrapHappy which is posted on the 15th of each month. These are the links to the other members, quite a few I already know and follow, so please feel free to go and have a nosey!

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32 thoughts on “Scrap Happy March

      1. I’m not a sewer, and only recently a crocheter, but your post made me immediately do some hunting, and I have contacted an Etsy seller to order for gifts, so an extra thank you is warranted!!

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  1. I’m so glad you’ve finally joined us. I do find that using scraps becomes a bit addictive over time (I do have a bad case, I admit, I’ve been doing this for 7 years now…). Those lovely little kits are such fun, and I like how you’ve used some really tiny pieces. A perfect introduction to the group 😊

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    1. Thank you. Plenty of scrappy stuff and plenty of maybe not true scraps but not new stuff. I’m sure I’ll find appropriate bits. 😊


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