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A Catch-up Round-up.

These past couple of months have been extremely hard. Having to make the decision for Ellie when she was still so bright in herself nearly totally broke me. John is still struggling with balancing his meds to have some sort of life. Breathing is often quite a challenge for him especially first thing in the morning but moving little and often and planning are what’s getting him through. My arthritis is good day/bad day and I have found some exercises to push me through. That and pain relief which I loath to take with my stomach history. Anyway, each day I get up after a bad night’s sleep and put on a smile and cuddle Willy and Tully. We are more fortunate than a lot of people. I finally had the courage to look at this blog knowing Ellie would be the one to greet me. Not so much moving on as realising she is still with us in our hearts and nothing can take that from us.

I finished a second baby blanket for a neighbour in September, baby was born 14th November so it’s been received.

There was also the Back in Time Crochet a Long held by Black Sheep Wools. A lovely pattern that I could just pick up and do a few rows without too much thought. Each week Sara did a video looking back at various aspects of crochet through history. It was really interesting.

The Faby Reilly SAL came to an end and we had an interesting stitching together. Love the way this folds, opens and re folds. Not sure I want to use it, just look and play with it!!

The Bug Box by Cathy Reavy also finished. I did actually look for a hexagonal box to mount it on then thought what would I use yet another box for? It will go in a hoop for the wall like the Stitch Wheel.

I finally finished the Winter Wreath, Autumn is still outside the door at the moment despite it being quite cold as I think this one screams Cword more than just winter! Only Summer to finish now.

I came up with a solution for the Nativity angels which I’m rather pleased with. The stable folds flat for storage too. Finding the right height was the tricky part! She has a little hoop between her wings and hangs on the apex. Clever eh! (looking at this picture I think Joseph has quite an accusing ‘are you sure’ look about him. Maybe it’s just me.)

I’ve used up some more of the silk yarn, Thrums it’s called. I spent an age plaiting another three balls of it. I actually spent as much time untangling it as I went as I did plaiting. It makes a lovely, sturdy yarn to stitch though. This time I kept going until I had used all I had plaited up. It finished 11 inches across and 7 inches high. a good size.

Then, because I couldn’t face all that untangling again, I just simply sewed the cord as it was straight from the hank. With a good sized zig zag it came out quiet firm and I had another bowl 11 x 4 inches.

I also made some flat placemats for under plant pots. Some are round, a couple oblong. Some I used a coloured thread and some were with invisible. I have a few more to go and it will all be used up. Yipee!

My in the car knitting has been finished too. I seem to be the one doing all the driving now so needing an easy knit isn’t so urgent. This just needs a button and loop on one side and some ties on the other. I think I’m going to crochet them rather than knit an endless row or six!

On Friday Tracy and I managed to escape to the Craft4Crafters Show at Bath & West. It was well attended but relatively quiet compared to other times I have been there. We were fully masked, and sanitised often, but many weren’t. We had a lovely little workshop making a glass angel. I did well in not buying too much, Tracy had a fair few items by the end though. It was all almost normal!

I read back and realised I haven’t done a table update since April! Going back some way I updated and changed the colours, dark for new finishes, light for old and grey for underway.

I realise looking at that how little of my own work I have done this year. Just not in the right place for being actually inspired creative I suppose. I hope it comes back sometime. At least I have kept busy.

Currently I have a dinning room full of GSP Rescue UK cards and calendars again. That year has passed quickly.

Willy has worked her paws hard packing to help those Pointers in need.

Well were all caught up now. I hope the storm has been kind to you and you’re staying warm and dry.

17 thoughts on “A Catch-up Round-up.

  1. Hi Amanda, Life is very tough for you at this time, but even so you remain pragmatic and foreward looking. We are so lucky to be able to lose ourselves in stitch and creativity for a few moments. It can be so healing. I love your creativity, and the range of techniques you work with. I particularly like the finished bug box embroidery. It is beautiful.
    I wish you well x

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  2. You’ve done an amazing amount of beautiful things in spite of how difficult things have been and not only that, found the time to read and comment on other people’s blogs too. You are doing brilliantly – take care of yourself and all those you love.

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  3. I second the previous comments and will add I love that crochet angel with star and its placement on the apex. And those bowls and mats are grand and have turned out to be a good use for that silk yarn. Beautiful crocheted blankets as well. Almost makes me want to get my hooks out! Hold on to the sweet memories of your Ellie. Empathizing with your managing of pain.

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    1. Ellie’s failing was so fast at the end, I will do something for her at some point. She loved a snuggle under a blanket. ❤️


  4. So sorry to hear about your and John’s health issues. However you seem to have been busy making so many lovely things. Not sure what I like best but the angel are certainly up there among my favourites.

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  5. Lots of lovely projects finished in spite of the tough times you’re going through. The winter wreath does look very Christmassy, but December tomorrow, so we will start putting decorations up. Hope next year is a better one. Be kind to yourselves.

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  6. sooooo many lovely things, but all tinged with sadness, they leave such a hole in our lives!!! the crochet blankets are looking great, and the milkman’s wallet and big box are fab! you have reminded me I have some sari scrap strips on the same colours as your silk yarn, must dig them out and play! the Nativity is super!

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