April the Last Bit

Another month nearly done!

Yesterday I started the prep for the solar dyeing and today put some of the colours into the 1.5 litre kilner jars.

On the left is Chlorophyll and Logwood, in the middle is Rhubarb root and madder. both of these came in the kits. The jar on the right has gorse flowers in which I believe should give a dye. If not I can always over dye.

The kits came with yarns to dye to knit with, a merino with sparkle 4 ply and a DK Corriedale wool, but I have many of those so I skeined them up into 20 metre minis and added some of them with pieces of mulberry fibres, linen gauze, cotton poplin, crepe de chine, poly chiffon (which I’m not expecting and colour to take on really), habotai silk, cotton lawn, cotton thread and some sheeting. All of those have been mordented with alum now it’s just wait and see!

The Merino sweater I finished last month had a collar on it that would not sit right. I was going to un pick it but, as it’s Merino, that would have been a nightmare. When I put it on last I fiddled with the collar and pinned it to the side with a brooch. I liked it so much I decided to stitch the collar down and make it its own ‘brooch’ using some vintage buttons. It sits neatly and feels comfortable now.

In other crafty news, the spring wreath went back into its bag so that’s’ another one it’s missed and I haven’t done any more on the Nativity. The reindeer panel has been waiting for some ricrac of the right size to arrive and I have been told this morning they are out of stock. I have reordered elsewhere!

I started the Scarab goldwork piece and I’m very pleased with the wings.

And the Scandi Heart is under way too.

Why have things been a little slow? Well our 2020 holidays were moved and last week we were very lucky to have the timing perfect with the Welsh government opening their travel restrictions and so we’ve been away!

Beach zooms, though gentle ones for Ellie now she has spinal problems, but Willy enjoyed herself!

We girls ALL went swimming! Yes that is me!

Plenty of rabbits in the fields behind the house.

Lazy afternoons in the sun out of the wind.

I think they enjoyed seeing another place and having different things to smell as much as we did!

I hope you are able to have a change of scenery soon too!

12 thoughts on “April the Last Bit

    1. I tried several but this one off shell button in hot pink was just made for the job! Not sure the dyeing will be quick fix enough for me but I’m will to see the effects.
      Get planning! 😄


        1. I have pre soaked in alum a lot of fabrics all dried and ready to go for when the urge comes but I needed to soak some yarns. The madder and rhubarb root needed overnight soaking though.


  1. The Jars look great on the window sill – I hope the results are are good as the jars! The bodge has made a gorgeous sweater even more gorgeous- Well don’t on getting away, very jealous! But I have serious doubts about your sanity seeing you in the water!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. On day three when it was absolutely freezing, strong winds I wondered about my sanity too! Sadly the weather got worse but at least I a few days.


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