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Long Time No Blog!

First of all very, very belated Happy New Year!! Which started for us with our usual sunrise dog walk on the first day of the year.

Yes we’re still here and doing ok! Thank you for the messages especially concerning John and his treatment. We did the full thing of hospital PCR tests, isolating and then he went in for the CardioVersion. They had to shock him twice and all was looking great for a couple of days, then the AFib came back with no let up. He is still producing excess fluid at an alarming rate, with plenty of nasty side effects, but he starts new tablets next week and is about to have more tests to see what road to take next. After hearing lots of amazing and positive stories we were so hopeful, maybe the next level will be the one!

Doing our walk as above with just the one big dog has highlighted how quiet life can be. John had a cunning plan for hope and motivation. He will need to get out and move more so his recovery should coincide with pup growing. Ellie was always his dog really and she was a lovely girl to for for a walk with, not take for a walk. A world of difference, and we hope to train this one to do the same. Willy, as a rescue, just does her own thing and little Tully at 16 just can’t do the distances any more.

I managed to actually get my act into gear for the Shaftesbury Snowdrop Festival this year and enter two pieces for the gallery. A fair bit of colourwork onto fabric, some printing, painting and stitchwork. The only thing I didn’t really see until I had them framed is that they are very similar if reverse images. That annoyed me a little. I was very pleased that they both sold during the exhibition though.

Then we picked up the pup, Gwyn. Life hasn’t exactly been the same since. We had forgotten what work puppies involve, or it’s that we are that much older and struggle keeping up! I know she will grow out of it but I’m looking forward to her innoculations to be finished so we can get her out and focused on some proper adventure training!

My friend Tracy found a call for making Glorious Gliders for the Army Flying Museum to mark 80 years of the Glider Pilot Regiment. I was hoping to make a few but mummy pup duties sort of saw me scrabbling for time and the ability to keep yarn etc out of small mouths. I did the one though and it’s now a part of the collection which will be on display in April and then sold off for a donation.

But the struggle is real no matter how cute.

The Same Sea Different Boat quilt made it to the Salisbury Arts Centre and Tracy and I went up to see it. I’m sure a lot of you have seen it many times on the internet and this is the panel with my I Miss the Sea square on it. It was great to see it all together and for real. Some really lovely contributions about our versions of the lockdown. It’s up to seven panels now and grown far beyond what was originally envisioned.

Another friend Natalie, who does the charity walks with me, had often told me of her Great Grandmother’s quilts she had which had come over to the UK from America and I often said I would love to see them. Little did I know I would get a cry for help to rescue one!

Sadly one of her dogs had found it a perfect spot to scrape out a bed to lay in causing a lot of the stitching to come apart as well as a lot of muddy streaks! There were a couple of tears in the cotton which is around 100 years old.

Nat isn’t a sewer in any shape or form and was worried that it was beyond repair. I made sure I used pure cotton threads that matched the colours her Great Grandmother used and set too. Once I’d repaired all the broken stitches and repaired the tears, I gave it a gentle surface wash to remove the mud. It’s a lovely, totally hand stitched quilt and I feel honoured to have been trusted with it.

These were some pretty little velvet hearts I had picked up but they were a bit plain so I decided to add to them a little.

I think they look nice and can hang together in a group.

We did the Big Garden Birdwatch and our little treasure this year was a Treecreeper, all other birds seem about the same if a little low in the Greenfinches.

Our out of the way village was, for some reason, chosen as a stop off for Olympic diver Tom Daley as he made his way home from London to Plymouth by swimming, rowing, running and cycling for Comic Relief. Though he had a strong headwind the entire trip he just made it to the finish before Storm Eunice hit and it became a lot worse! Gwyn had to go to the meet of course. There was even a quick flash of her on BBC Breakfast as he left the pub after a recharge and massage.

The Nordic Sampler has moved on a little. As I’m not using the two grey colours in the actual pattern I’ve added gold beads and Diamante thread. Pleased I managed to centre up the second band, annoyed I missed the third by a couple of columns! It won’t show when it’s finished but, as you all know, some niggles…..

The That Which Does Not Kill Us blackwork piece has its first ‘bottle’ on the shelf.

This one is being released a bit faster than the Nordic. That doesn’t mean it’s being stitched any faster however!

Other than puppy jobs, clearing up after the storm and taking Willy out on her own it’s just been snatching bits here and there. I’ve ‘nearly’ finished knitting a waistcoat and I’ve ‘sort of’ started a colourwork scarf Medina with Black Sheep. I still have to finish off last years table and start this years. I like doing the tables, I feel I’ve actually made stuff then!

Not long to wait for Gwyn’s second jabs and Spring is just around the corner!! Stay safe in this silly weather!

16 thoughts on “Long Time No Blog!

  1. It’s good to have you back and you seem to have packed an awful lot into the last couple of months on top of having a new puppy and all the hospital stuff. So pleased the snowdrop pieces sold for you and loving all your assorted makes!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I know that feeling of honor when asked to repair an old quilt. This looked to be quite the challenge but you the perfect person since it was a dog who sullied it and you have tons of experience with dogs, perhaps even being a bit sympathetic towards the one who did the damage. 😉

    Wish things were better with John but I love his spirit of taking on a pup as medicinal as it were. But you have confirmed what I’ve known for a long time – I just don’t have it in me anymore to raise a dog from a pup, especially without the help of a spouse. But boy, are those pics of this one cute! I’ll just enjoy from afar . . .

    And yeah, I can see why you were a bit annoyed by those mirror image snowdrops. Could you have done as well if it was intentional? Probably not!

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  3. The snowdrops are beautiful. What a cutie, but you forget how much time a new pup takes, but worth it. A real positive for John. You’re very brave taking on the quilt,what a responsibility. It looks wonderful, she must be relieved that it’s repaired so well.

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  4. Thank you for catching us up on all of your activities and beautiful crafts. Gwyn is adorable. Best wishes for better health for John. Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. How lovely to have new puppy, hope you manage to get * some* crafting done! Glad John is doing well, and well done or rescuing that gorgous quilt!

    Liked by 1 person

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