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Farewell December

The month started with Tracy and I going on a Wreath making workshop at our local garden centre. It was a lovely morning and a total joy to see Tracy making something she was convinced was difficult.

At home I made a scrappy zipped bag. I was given a load of leftovers from the lady who does my nails so I thought it a nice way of saying thank you and to show the scraps are actually useable! The zip was cut down to about 10 inches so a useful size.

I also finally finished the Nordic sampler cross stitch. I’ve layered it with a thin wadding and backed it. I was going to add an edging but at the moment it is sitting quite nicely and doesn’t need one. I may change my mind though.

It was a nice make a long. Not sure if I’m actually looking for another to do this year. I do like having a patterned piece on the go so I can just get on with it without much thinking as that has already been done for you. In my clearing out I did come across my copy of the Inspirations Willing Hands book so I may do something from that instead at my own pace. We shall see.

I did make Elsa and her partner some Dickies for Christmas as they are really useful under motorbike jackets. No bulk but help keep the neck and throat warm as they in Sirdar Country Classic which is a blend of the softest Merino wool and acrylic.

Somepawdy had her 1st birthday.

It was also the day of the school Christmas Pawty. We won the Musical Chairs and the Egg and Spoon Race. This is her wondering why she has to sit during the quiz steeplechase. The only pictures John took had a woman who seemed to follow his camera around everywhere and take centre stage, and it wasn’t Gwyn or me, so there’s only a shaky one I managed at the time.

Tracy and I also managed to take a trip out to the Workhouse Chapel in Sturminster Newton. I know Rose through her being a Dorset Artist but it is 10 years since I last visited when and she had just opened. She has made this place go from strength to strength and in my mind it is what a true artisan gallery should be. Her ethics behind the shop are well worth the read. You won’t find bought in and altered stuff in here. It is truly what I would base one on myself, perfect. We came away with quite a few treasures, this is my lot.

Last week we left for a week away. This is the packing of my medium/large case. Left side is basic clothes ie spare walking trousers, a couple of pullovers, comfies, undies and nightwear etc. The right is several projects to keep me busy. Anyone else pack accordingly? If anything gets dirty there is always a washing machine and we don’t go out to dinner anymore so absolutely no need to take most of the wardrobe.

Of course the kids were keen for Welsh zooms.

The over crowded beaches….. well……

As we were on the Gower this time we had to go to King Arthur’s Stone.

The link? Well Gwyn’s daddy is called Arthur so she (Guinevere) and her brothers, Owain, Arthur 2, Hector, Lancelot and Merlin and sisters Evaine and Igrain are from the legend.

Yesterday was Secret Santa day. Members of the GSP Rescue group are secretly allocated another member with a similar number of dogs and gifts are sent out. It’s very popular each year and raises a good amount of money too. Lots and lots of dogs are coming in to rescue and funds are greatly needed!

Gwyn is certainly getting the hang of the ‘pose’ word! Remi is an old hand at it of course.

We received many cards and messages of support and the caring of others has been amazing. Benta of Slik Stitches sent me an ultra special Ginger, how lovely is he? Thank you so much B, my collection is growing!

I’m looking forward to closing the curtains on this year soon. Getting passed yesterday was a huge effort. The waves of that huge emotion ball hitting the red pain button exhausting and draining. Chris loved coming up to the peace and quiet here for Christmas. Wintery dog walks and the usual chaos of the Grandchildren made memorable Christmases past. Next week will begin a New Year and a new normal.

We hope you have had a peaceful time and your 2023 is smooth, calm and happy.

21 thoughts on “Farewell December

  1. Take care – I think many of us could use a smooth, calm and happy 2023. How nice to get away, and such beautiful projects you’ve been finishing up. That zip in particular is outstanding! And as always,thanks for all the views of the dogs and that history of the names.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We did have to come home a little early as John wasn’t feeling 100% but the few days there were lovely, especially for the dogs.


  2. I do hope 2023 is an improvement, for you and for others who’ve had more than usual difficulties over the past year.

    But it’s delightful to see the suspicious gleam in Gwyn’s eye, and the three of them scampering in damp and wet on the Gower. Not having an own-grown fur coat I would struggle to share their enthusiasm, but it is always lovely to see someone enjoy themselves!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Remi does feel the cold a little quicker now a days but the car has many, many warm fleecy coats for them to snuggle up it. Gwyn is still in the just don’t care stage!


  3. Your wreaths look fabulous, your zippered bag will be a joy and well done for finishing the sampler. I hope your time on the Gower did you both good – the dogs obviously loved it! I think we could all do with asmooth calm and happy New Year – you more than most.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wales just has the best in my eyes. Never been disappointed up hill or down dale or even beach! Pembs is still my favourite though. Woofs to Roo and Evie.

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      1. Maybe one day when you are over this way we will meet up and all our dogs can play on a beach together. Meanwhile enjoy the peace Wales has to offer.

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  4. I’m so glad the “Chris” ginger was ok, I was worried it might be too soon, but I couldn’t think of any other way to show in thinking of you all! The pouch is fab and I love the Nordic sampler!! My packing is the same – a variety of crafts and then a few clothes in the gaps!!! Lots of love xxx

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  5. You are not alone about being pleased 2022 is over, it’s not been a good year for so many. Hope 2023 is better.
    I’ve often wondered about cutting a zip to size, but never trusted it would work!
    The wreaths look lovely, and good to share with creative things with friends that think they can’t do. The dickies are a good way of using up leftover yarn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As long as you have something across the teeth to stop them parting it’s fine. It’s not hard to put them back together anyway. Fun to get three zips of different colours and re arrange them too!


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