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Nope, Not a Fan

Of too much heat that is. And we’re due more, even hotter, over the weekend. I know I don’t function well in it but it’s the dogs I don’t like it for more. Very early walks and boredom. Evenings are brain training, nothing strenuous. We are lucky in that we have a huge battery on our solar panels and with the sun being out it’s storing the power so I can put on the air con in one room for them for a bit during the day and have our bedroom one on over a good part of the night. It was so worth the investment when we had the roof lifted! The battery just about sees us through so solar powered too!

Not too much has been happening as my studio is in the conservatory and it becomes rather hot. I have been portable with my stitching of the hook book though.

It’s been lined and the pockets made with a antique linen napkin, machine stitched with hand stitch added and used to join outer to inner. There’s vilene stiffener in between.

And now it has my super fine crochet hooks in. These have the barrel stems, if I can find my ancient ones I may add them but I can’t use them that slim any more.

I have also just finished the Snowdrift blanket by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk of Lilla Bjorn Crochet.

Annoyingly I could do with it a few inches bigger. I thought I’d bought more yarn than I’ve found. If I find that yarn someday soon I will undo the border and add a few rounds!

So the tennis is over and it was an interesting one. I’m just going to work my way around watching a few rounds of golf for the 150th Open at St Andrews.

Willy knows how to keep her cool. Anyone would think she likes the noisy air con!

Have a great week.

15 thoughts on “Nope, Not a Fan

  1. Not a fan of the heat either. As our house is a chalet bungalow the upstairs is effectively in the roof and it’s regularly been 30 degrees plus up there over the last few days in spite of having every window wide open! The lovely snowdrift blanket made me quite nostalgic for snow!!

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    1. Yes, ours is similar. All the upstairs are sloping in the roof with very small loft. We used the tiny space we had in our new bedroom to put the ducting for the Aircon before they put the plaster board on. Guests have to put up with fans 😄 It will be cold before we know it and then we’ll moan about that 🤣 Love UK weather.


  2. I too am finding it too hot to do much although here it is not as hot as in SE England. Luckily the trees around my house are giving me some shady spots. The hook book lokks great and your throw is very pretty. That feeling that you put something in a safe place if only you could remember where that was is so annoying!

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    1. I think I know I have some but when we had a sort around for the new sofas everything went a little upside down. They’ll turn up when I don’t need them any more I expect. 😁

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  3. Likewise definitely not functioning well in all this heat – lucky we don’t get it like this too often. I like it to be cool enough for a nice cardigan 🙂 Loving your crochet hook case, such lovely calming stitching.

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