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A Bit of Creativity

It’s been a long time coming! Along with the wonderful cooler weather and the exhibitions coming up I’ve actually found a little urge to make something!

I made a mess like this…

And this…

Put in a little soapy water and elbow grease and ended up with these.

Then, after some stitch was added by machine and by hand

Frames are 16 inches (40 cm).

They will be going to an exhibition in Wimborne in a couple of weeks.

Other than that it’s been a little warm to make much by hand, though I am all caught up with thc SALs, this is the Nordic band sampler so far.

Last weekend I also had another away day to Flamed Earth Ceramics with friends Lewis, Tracy and Natalie making poppy seed heads again. Just another excuse to get a little mucky!

There is another exhibition just around the corner but I currently keep being distracted by the combines working in the field opposite. Oh, and these two needing regular entertainment!

Have a great week.

20 thoughts on “A Bit of Creativity

  1. Kudos to you combining clay and stitch … as I recall from long-ago clay days, my hands dried out from the clay and then snagged every bit of thread and cloth

    love your Nordic stitch sampler … and those poppy seed heads are beyond cool

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  2. Good to see your creativity is back. You also needed the headspace, too much going on with more pressing things for a while. The felt looks great, cool to work on snowmen when it is hot! The poppy heads are wonderful.

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  3. I love those pictures! Hope the exhibition goes well. Is it an exhibition to sell peoples work or just to show it? I shall be interested to see the poppy seed heads when they are fired and glazed – a nice change from pots and plates.

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  4. I saw your barn owls on Instagram and thought they were lovely, but seeing them bigger on the PC screen rather than on my phone, they are even more fantastic! I particularly love the movement you’ve captured on the one in flight.

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