Half Past August

Bit of a catch up this week! First welcome to you if you have just joined me and come from Sandra’s blog Wild Daffodil. Feel free to browse and join in!

Question: do you wear an apron? Creative ones I mean, not the cooking type. I have several and have noticed once I put one on I tend to get on with things!! It’s like having a uniform that defines the creative part of my day. They also have pockets and I love a pocket.

I have been taking part in the Faby Reilly Jacquie Stitch A Long and it had only just started when I last wrote. I’m now up to part 4 finished. I’m totally using stash and happy that this is part of my #useupthecraftstuff. Probably not the best of photos but next time I will put it in the tent with proper lights.

The other SAL is by Cathy Reavy of Threads Workshops and it’s the Bug Box. She does have kits of this but again I’m using stash. The free videos are released weekly on Youtube.

I’ve done a fair amount of yarn work including finishing the Spice of Life blanket in Rico Creative Soft Wool cream, navy and turquoise. It’s finished a lovely lap size so this one is staying put for my own use!

I have some other little projects under way but they’re not quite ready for showing yet.

Another wreath has been put together. This one is Autumn. I know I’ve totally missed out summer but it will be done one day!!

I have really slowed down as the pain in my joints is sometimes just too much. I have seen a rheumatology doctor and she confirms I have body wide Osteoarthritis. She also tells me I have two curves developing in my spine which came as a surprise. They’re not front to back, as I would have thought with bending over work all the time, but side to side. Physiotherapy on the cards for that to try and check it before it becomes a real problem. I hate getting older.

Speaking of which I had another birthday and lots of lovely flowers.

We’ve been having a visitor to the front garden several times lately.

Our back garden which has fields around it has dog proof fencing but I watch the hares a lot. This is the front garden which leads down to the village road. He’s obviously found his way into the village and can’t get back to the fields. He gets through the mesh that is for the dogs safety (the grey strip is our drive) quite easily. We feel very honoured, I hope he finds his way through to the fields again.

Ellie is doing well on the medication for her Spondylosis. She enjoyed a day out on the Plain with friends the other day. She forgets she has pain for a while but it catches up with her later in the day.

The trick is to find the balance between her having a good life and being pain free as possible. We could have her totally on the tablets but she’d spend the whole time asleep. She tells us when she needs a bit more help and it’s working well at the moment.

They do sometimes have entertainment while we’re having lunch though!

He was such a show off! Have a lovely week.

19 thoughts on “Half Past August

  1. I just found your blog and I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Your dragonfly and bug box are gorgeous. I really like the colors of that beautiful blanket. I always enjoy some animal photos too. We have a lot of bunnies to watch in my backyard. I get the osteoarthritis pain. I have been wearing a brace on my right hand for a few weeks now as I have it in all of the joints of my thumbs and I have been trying to do a bunch of cross-stitch. Take care.

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    1. The actual Spice of Life pattern is many colours but I had these left and love how it came out. Bunnies we have a few of too as there is a warren in the field behind but hares are very special 😊. I wear the pressure gloves and have a brace too. Just mind your thumbs with the cross stitch. Small needles seem to hurt the most 😟


    1. Thanks Alex. The doctor I met with was amazing and totally pro working with women especially those of a certain age. Nice when you find one that understands and doesn’t just dismiss it as just another ‘women’s thing’! She even has me on vegan glucosamine as the normal type is marine based and I’m allergic. I never even knew there was such a thing!


  2. I’ve never used an apron for anything but cooking, not even when I was big into fabric dyeing. Just clothes I don’t mind if they get a bit of something unremovable on them. But I love your observation of donning an apron affecting your mindset and getting you ready to attack like a uniform might.

    Goodness, you are too young to be held back by joint pain (imo). I’ve been dealing with it myself and have always felt it was tied to my auto-immune syndrome, although now the hips may be saying otherwise – will be chatting with my rheumatologist about it again next month as things aren’t improving and may actually be a bit worse. I had to laugh at this observation of yours concerning the dog: “The trick is to find the balance between her having a good life and being pain free as possible.” I laugh because that has been essentially what my rheumatologist has said about controlling my auto-immune syndrome and deciding the amount of prednisone to use. I’m always worried about too much medication period and his slipping in the bit about “whatever keeps you comfortable” as being important (after also responding to my recitation of the difficulties I’d been having the last 3 or 4 months: “It’s a burden.” Goodness, I can’t think of any medical practitioner making that acknowledgement which to me shows real compassion) gave me a new perspective on how to manage this, that I can definitely give myself a break.

    I do hope you can find some acceptable resolutions, but I have to say those dogs must be therapeutic. I know your ending posts with a great picture of them always makes me feel better and lifts my day!

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    1. The immune system definitely has a huge role to play. At the beginning of June I couldn’t even get out of bed. Well it took took me about an hour to loosen up the joints with some supine yoga, the pain was awful and my fingers would not bend at all. So cause? OA is battling immune system. The pollen was high, another battle for immune system. The week before I’d had my second Covid jab, a huge strain on immune system. A perfect storm. The pain management at minimal level is my thoughts for me too. Surprisingly I’ve found moving as much as possible helping and for a lazy sitter like me it’s a revelation! The golf certainly helps. We can’t move at that rate for 24 hours though and it’s the stopping and sleeping that’s the real pain. Just have to keep on keeping on.
      The Pupsters appreciate your admiration of them 😄


  3. Hi Amo, the stitching and crochet projects are looking great. So please Ellie’s medication is helping here. Hope you and J and the family are all well xxx

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    1. We have several levels of tablets and getting the balance right at the mo. Being a sufferer of burnt out tummy from anti inflammatory medication myself I’m very aware of trying not to wreck her tummy too. X

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