Augtember Hmmmm

Who would have ever thought August would slide into being an autumnal month! It’s certainly been feeling that way with chilly, damp and grey mornings often with mist in the valleys and warmer, sunny afternoons. I don’t think I’ve done the summer/winter wardrobe swap over for several years and months like this are exactly why.

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks with a two week exhibition in my local town with my art group, several hospital visits and my twice weekly golf which helps so much with the joint pain. I have a long set of exercises to do daily from the physio as well as my normal fitness group challenges. Just learning to manage the pain going forward without kicking off the tummy troubles again with too many painkillers is hard some days but I’m sure it will become routine eventually. I dread bedtime as stopping just seizes everything up. However being beasted around 7km of golf course by a pair of Octogenarians keeps me on my toes!

This week I finished a little baby blanket in King Cole Beaches. It’s beautifully soft but has a nice weight to it.

Another part of the Faby Reily Jacquie Stitch a Long was released too. I think I’m seeing what is forming clearer now. It will be a lovely thing when finished.

The other Sal with Cathy Reavy has had a snail and butterfly added.

I had brought in some foliage for the Tara Axford course I’m trying to get on with and I think this little chap must have come from there. He seems quite at home on the Bug Box stitching but I’m not sure when I will be stitching the cricket.

I’ve picked most of the good lavender flowers and put them in a 1.5 litre jar. They are in the airing cupboard lid open drying out fully now. It smells wonderful! I’ll be making up pouches soon.

Our village gathering is only a week away and the key worker scarecrows are coming out! As supporters of the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance I thought I’d do Pegasus. Luckily there is a good branch for hanging it from at the bottom of the drive. Most of them give you a fright as you drive around so goodness knows what they will be like in the church yard!!

I had a lovely visit with Alison Hulme at her Open Studios on the way back from the hospital on Wednesday. We’ve been at quite a few shows together over the years and I’ve missed a good old creative natter! It made me actually dig out fabric and gelli plates! I’ve pieced some bits together and just seeing where it takes me. I don’t think I’m quite ready or prolific enough yet for our Open Studios next year so maybe I will promise myself to aim for the 2024 one instead!

Willy has been watching me doing yoga far too much. Her version of Dead Bug. Have a good week.

9 thoughts on “Augtember Hmmmm

  1. Love this month’s title, and Pegasus. It is fantastic. Over the years I have helped a friend who lives near Beverly with their village “scarecrow”. We have had such fun. We timed our annual visit for the occasion!

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  2. The blanket and your stitching are both beautiful. As to August, I have thought that August was becoming more and more like I remember September, and seeming like the start of Autumn, for a few years now.

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  3. I’ve even had cold feet a couple of times, I always reckoned I could tell it was September when I got cold feet. But happened last year in August too.
    The insects are looking great. The real one must have thought there was a party!

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