Melting in July

The summer heat finally arrived and now we’re all moaning it’s too hot. I do love being English and having the foibles of our never quite right weather.

The brain hasn’t really wanted to function on things that need working on like coursework so I’ve been in the shade with things that don’t take too much thinking. I’ve finished the Scandi Heart Sampler by The Historical Sampler Co.

I didn’t want to frame it so it’s a little pillow to hang.

The backing fabric is Ellie’s old dog bed (no I don’t throw much away and it was a lovely Doe Suede in the perfect colour), the pompom trim gives it a fun edging and the hanging loop is some of the leftover threads.

I made a much larger macrame hanger for another fern outside too. It’s nice adding another dimension in the garden. This one has a few knot variations and some huge wooden beads that are so old they’re virtually fossilised!

I also caught up this week with the Faby Reilly Stitch A Long Jacquie.

Glad I’m still managing to use up things from my stash rather than purchase!

Another thing I’m using stash for starting this week is the Bug Box which is the next free SaL from Cathy Reavy of ThreadsWorkshops. Again I’m using an old linen napkin from France as the base. I liked that this one has flowers as part of the weave, good for the bugs!

It’s been a bit warm for the knit and crochet things but I did start a Spice of Life blanket in leftover yarns from A Day Out CaL. They are Rico Creative Soft Wool Aran in cream, turquoise and navy. Again it’s a free pattern but there are kits, and it is a really fabulous stash buster, I’m just using the three colours as that’s what I wanted using up.

One thing that has gone mad this year in the garden is the yellow bamboo! It’s just loving the damp/heat we’ve had. Having spent years just plodding along the shoots this year are super tall as well as numerous. They’re easily 12 foot and still growing. Good shade for the gazebo though!

The WoWBook 7 is now launched and available here should you want one. I have an article and video in this time.

Whatever you’re doing I hope you can stay cool and avoid the itchy, teeny thunderflies!

11 thoughts on “Melting in July

  1. Your heart shaped pillow is quite delightful. Bamboo can be very invasive.. a neighbour had bamboo the other side of my fence and one day I found a bamboo shoot popping up in my flower bed a foot or more from said fence. So I should watch out now your bamboo seems to have woken up!

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    1. I had the mad one at my last property, yes it was a thug but in the right place. This yellow is ok and controllable. Also quite useful to have canes I can harvest for around the garden! 😄

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