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July the Beginning

I’ve decided to join in with the Faby Riley Stitch-A-Long Jacquie which started at the end of last month. I know I have many other projects on the go but this one intrigued me and I’ve wanted to do a Faby for a while. Variety is the spice and all that!

From the get go I was hoping to not have to buy anything. I’m not too bothered if mine doesn’t replicate the original 100% but surely that’s a good thing and goes into my #useupthecraftstuff ! My basket of linens produced the right weight which I had bought from the Cross Stitchers Guild some time ago but I only had it in Antique White, Natural and Tea Dyed. So, rather than the soft blue, I will be using the antique white. It’s individual right from the start!

Threads are supposed to be DMC of which I have some but not many in the blues. I do have all the Maison Sajou colours though. This thread is very marginally finer and has a slightly higher sheen but I could match the colours fairly well. If I’m not happy as we go I can swap a bit anyway. I’m only matching them from a printout, always a bit dodgy, but there doesn’t seem to be a conversion chart out there for DMC to Sajou. The other bits like beads and metallic I have coming out of my ears so hopefully there will be an equivalent I’m happy with there too! I’ve just a few days to wait for the second release but I’m in no hurry. I want to enjoy this one.

I’ve done a fair bit more on the Scandi Heart. I’ve been loving a bit of evening stitch in the studio with this lately while John watches a film or two. Very meditative as it’s all laid out and that’s something I’ve really needed recently.

In knitting I finished the Howe sweater and I love it. I now have another garment on the needles and two blankets on the hook.

I’m supposed to be doing a course with Tara Axford but the studio is very upside down and I’ve spent the past two weeks grinding my teeth, starting and not moving. I’m going to have to just jump in, tidy up and focus!

I took Elsa and Emma, her French Au Pair who has hardly had the chance of visiting anywhere over the past year, up to Hampton Court Palace last week for the Gold and the Glory exhibition. My highlight was finally seeing the famous astrological clock. I have a 24 hour clock in the kitchen but I’d love one with all the extras on it like this one! A beautiful place to visit and, thanks to the timed entries, very calm and uncrowded.

Maggie’s WoWBook 7 is available to order from Monday. I’m in there explaining about my Temari Not balls and I have also done a video for the members section. Can’t believe we’re up to 7 already in this new format!

I do hope summer hasn’t totally forgotten us now! Still raining.

Garden Tiger Moth

6 thoughts on “July the Beginning

  1. The stitch along looks gorgeous and I admire your strength in deciding to do it as a stitch buster rather than buy the supplies – often it’s nicer when something is slightly different and personal to you.

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    1. Not even totally sure how this is going to turn out yet either. It’s a secret and revealed as we go along. Definitely have to keep using up the stash! 😄


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