Garden and Golf Steals June!

Well the weather has been spectacular at last! Summer arrived. What a strange year. I have peonies totally over and some just coming into tight bud. The same with the roses. You can almost hear the plants wondering if it’s safe to get on with things now!

Lots of time has been spent in the garden trying to revamp some areas and make them future proof. My plan is to turn overrun beds of annuals and perennials into almost selfcare shrubberies. I’ve had lots of fun sourcing good sized plants and trying to stuff them all in the car. This bed has been the first totally cleared of waist high, invasive aster, totally dug over, fed, replanted and mulched over the weed suppressant in the much needed rain we have had the past two days.

These two beds could be next!

John’s beautiful rhubarb has been totally swamped and needs some room. We are lucky that aster, dock, nettle and mint are the worst of our thugs. There is ground elder a couple of doors down and that would be so much worse.

I have used quiet a few leaves to make some botanical contact prints this week. I’m not sure if it’s the newness of the leaves or a new batch of alum but everything came out bright yellow this year.

Totally not my cup of tea! I had to sadden the lot of it with some iron.

That made everything on the paper pop out!! The fabrics ended up a little dull but they can still go in the useful pile.

I will do another batch later in the year with more mature leaves and perhaps not the alum.

The solar dyeing came off the windowsill.

Once I had recovered from the smell (!!!) They were washed and hung on the line and looked great!

All nicely ironed and ready for something too. As always the silks came out fabulously.

I went through all the pieces I had made for the spring wreath and put them on one of the Reindeer moss wreath bases I had. First I discovered that the wreaths were small enough to not need so many pieces as were made in the pattern and also that Reindeer moss falls to pieces all over the place and is an absolute mess. I ordered up some vine wreaths instead and I’m much happier with the result! I now just have to check to see what I have made so far of the other seasons.

I’ve been adding some more quick sketches to an old, falling apart book ready for including in something. It’s a nice thing for doing while having a quick coffee in the garden.

The Biblical Brood has been growing too. Two Mary’s, Joseph’s and Jesus’ and the mangers are almost done. At least there would be something for December should these go on the back burner as too many of my things seem to be doing lately!

Other than that there has been an awful lot of golf as the summer competitions have been shoehorned into a short season and catching up from last year. Thankfully I’m now out of quite a few of them! I’ve been finding it hard going and the high pollen triggered something in the immune system with my joints swelling so much my fingers couldn’t bend let alone touch my palms. Every joint has been affected but large doses of antihistamine and pain relief is helping. At least I can use my hands properly again now!

I hope you are having good weather and enjoying the season too.

Poplar Hawkmoth

15 thoughts on “Garden and Golf Steals June!

    1. Thank you. We haven’t had the trap out much this year because of the weather but we’ve done well with the Hawkmoths when we have. I think they’re amazing 😄

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    1. I have a lovely gardener who comes to help me and she has one garden where all she does is dig out ground elder. Not good! Just hoping the shrubs take and become lower maintenance 😁


  1. The gardens . . . what a lot of work! I just don’t have it in me, my pots on the deck as much as I can manage. But the results, so worth it whether it be garden plots or little pots! Had to laugh at your reaction to your bright yellow contact prints! Well, there’s always a way to modify results.

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    1. I just can’t do the high maintenance any more. The front half of the property is great with just the shrubs and roses. The back half will evolve that way eventually. A few pots are all I’m wanting too now! 3/4 acre was fun 16 years ago! 😄 The dogs love it though.


      1. Oh yes, you are reminding me of one house we bought that was on a corner 3/4 acre lot. Mostly lawn but with small plot along the back fence for a vegetable garden. I didn’t like the plants along the foundation at the back of the house so dug them out and replaced with day lilies. Tried to get some clematis going in a corner by the driveway where nothing of interest was growing between rustic fencing. I’d never had hostas before but they were doing fine on the shady side so I let them be. It wasn’t long before my husband announced that he had to get a wider lawn mower – he would have preferred a riding mower but it was out of our budget – because it was taking him almost 2 hours to cut the lawns front and back. I actually liked that house and big lot and you have also reminded me that one of its attractions was that the big back yard was totally fenced and yes, we had a dog! Dogs ruled our lives and decisions for many years (as I believe they should!). We didn’t live there long enough for us to see the fruits of our labors unfortunately, unlike you. It will be wonderful when you get it all set up for lower maintenance and still have lovely flowers and plants to enjoy. And maybe some pots on the patio. 😉


        1. First thing John bought was a ride on. 😄😄😄 Mind you it has a hitch and trailer and takes logs up to the woodshed and compost to the greenhouse etc. Both gardens each side are just lawn. I think ours is quite a wildlife haven as we have so many trees and shrubs!


          1. A neighbor had a riding mower that one could attach a snowplow blade to. Come winter, you’d find him plowing many driveways on our street. Chatting with his wife, she confided that he felt so guilty about the riding mower because they didn’t have as much lawn as many of us that he salved his guilt with the snow plowing – lol It is so nifty though that now you can do those extra things like hauling the trailer to move things around. No shame in that!


  2. Tell me about ground elder! Thought we had got rid of it down the bottom of the garden, when we had chickens for a couple of years. But it’s back with a vengeance and in another bed now too. Hope to be able to get some more out since it’s rained in the last week.
    The yellow looks so bright and sunny, but I do like the muted versions too.
    I keep meaning to do some solar dying, need to get my act together before the summer vanishes.

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    1. We go mad on the nettles and cow parsley after the rain. Loud whoops when we have a long run or whole root up! But no thank you to the elder no matter how pretty it looks. Strikes fear into the heart!
      The yellow was bright bright and I don’t use yellow in anything.


  3. The garden and the dying look great , and the nativity set is really cute! I’m intrigued, how does the iron dull the yellow?? Xxx

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    1. Lots of combinations can change the colours. Using an iron or copper pan, acid, alkaline, soya milk, iron water. Not sure of the official chemical process but it happens quite quickly. There’s also a change when it all initially comes out of the water and hits oxygen. All very unpredictable in a sort of controlled kind of way 😄


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