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Had a Fun Couple of Days

Last week my friend Tracy and I went off on a jolly to Salisbury. There were three exhibitions I wanted to see and the company was very much welcome. I didn’t seem to take many photos, I think we were too busy chatting!

First stop was the Wiltshire Open at the Salisbury Arts Centre. I mainly wanted to see what they show and if there were many textiles. I might give this one a go next year. Fabulous venue and great coffee!

Next we went across the city to the catherdral close and the Museum exhibition Insect Odyssey: Insects, books and the artistic imagination.

It was beautifully staged within the other exhibits but I think there could have been quite a lot more. Some interesting insights to some of the artists work.

Afterwards we went and had lunch in the Cathedral. I had looked into entry earlier as we wanted to see the Greyson Perry tapestries and, to my mind, it’s quite expensive. We live just outside what they class as the cathedral congregation, I go there quite often and my grandchildren were both christened there so I do balk a little. However, Tracy had never done the tower tour so I bought tickets to that instead. These also included a visit to the Magna Carta so much better value idea. The tower tour is very much worth it, you learn so much with a fun guide and get a workout too! Again, I forgot to take photos but this is one at the top of the tower looking up into the spire, the tallest in the UK.

The 6 tapestries were bright, colourful and quite large. They fitted the space well and there were quite a few religious points in them which linked nicely too.

Still, around the corner from them I spotted a lovely gold work banner of the cathedral which I enjoyed so much more!

I had just finished my Granny Square bag made in Scheepjes Cotton 8, a 4ply, and I’ve lined it with a Jinny Beyer fabric so that was used for the day out.

On Saturday Tracy and I drove up to Newbury for the Southern Wool Show. I loved the lanolin smell, the feel of yarns, the variety of uses they’re put to and the colours. We came away with a few bags of goodies and another big smile on our faces. One of the bits I bought was a pumpkin kit from Adventures in Yarncraft in the most glorious Pumkin Spice Merino chunky yarn, a joy to use! And I managed two pumpkins from the 100g skein and added some driftwood stalks.

We finished the weekend with a day of golf on Sunday for the Ladies’ Captains Day. I didn’t play too great but we all managed to stay dry which, considering the huge downpours and thunderstorms we are having, was a miracle!

Have a great week.

14 thoughts on “Had a Fun Couple of Days

  1. Sounds like some fabulous days out – definitely loving the goldwork cathedral banner – that was wonderful. Your pumpkins are gorgeous! What a genius idea to use drift wood for the stalks – it works perfectly.

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    1. It has been a lovely few days, just lucky all the dates fell right. Looking forward to going again next year to some of them too.


  2. I understand how you feel about having to pay to go into cathedrals. I live in the corner of a triangle with Salisbury and Winchester and I always thought Winchester was superior because they didn’t charge (and the bus stop is much nearer). When I spent a day in Winchester I would often pop in for ten minutes of peace and contemplation. But now they charge and though you can get an annual season ticket, I don’t visit enough to make it cheaper. So no more popping in.
    Lovely bag. I was wondering what to use to make a cover for a reusable cotton bag I bought in John Lewis years ago that is now a bit worn looking. Think I will try the yarn you used.

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    1. I always put in the collection box of any church I visit and I can understand a charge to have a tourguide of such important buildings, but any church you should be able to just use as it was meant to be used, no charge. And I’m not even religious!
      I look forward to seeing your cover creation. 😊

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  3. that’s quite an in-spire-ing view (sorry, couldn’t resist) … and I believe the goldwork banner would have caught my eye and inspired me to take a picture (there’s that word again)

    and the driftwood stems on the pumpkins (love that variegated yarn) … well, need I say it? … absolutely inspired … ha!

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  4. Hi Amo

    I love that they have used rough wood to shape the spire, and the gold work cathedral is stunning! Great wool haul, but I really loved your bag!

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    1. You could do a bag like that! 😃 The wood was fab. They choose a tree that’s grown with the right bend then saw it in half and have matching pieces. Clever.


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