And what a strange month that turned out to be! Ups and downs and all over the place. Of course there was the sad news of the Queen’s passing. I’m surprised at how shocked some people were. She was 96 and not long lost the love of her life. At least she had the foresight to be in a place she loved and went with dignity. The funeral was something to behold, no one does pomp like we do! I didn’t know there were so many funeral marches, I think there were 5 in rotation, but seeing the rhythmical 75 beats swaying by so many people was quite moving. Lots of tears when they finally arrived at Windsor and had her pony Emma and the corgis waiting.

We went away for a week to Pembrokeshire just beforehand and had a lovely time as always. I had yarn for more pumpkins so made a few more.

I also managed a few sketches whilst there.

Just enough to keep inspired!

It was also perfect to swim with the girls most days but when the wind changed to the north and it was rather chilly. The water was fine though!

Back home and I’ve finished another slipover in Rico Fashion Modern Tweed which has a lovely feel and is 60% wool. Nice to wear this time of year and a nice base for some of my brooches (Alex!!! 😃)

The pottery we made a few weeks ago was picked up and these are my 6. Love them! They should be garden winter proof but I think I will bring them in and enjoy them anyway. They are each about the size of a man’s fist.

Now I don’t know if any of you have a subscription the Piecework magazine which has a lovely variety of traditional crafts but they also have a weekly email with some great links to their articles. Recently there was turning ricrac into a kind of lace

Who knew boring old homely ricrac could look so pretty! Needlelace…

One of this week’s articles was Algerian Eye and Eyelet stitch.

All just nice reads and free if you sign up. Just thought some of you might like a browse.

Lastly, but never least, we’ve been having a little problem with one of Willow’s hocks growing a firm lump around the joint. They aspirated it a few weeks ago but it was inconclusive. When she had some dental work done last week they also did a proper biopsy to send away. The warnings were if it was cancer it could be a full amputation or maybe, if cancer free, a fusing and plating of the joint. Well the results were not cancerous thank goodness. We now have another month to wait for the specialist vet appointment to see what the next moves are. She’s quite happy, if sometimes a little peeved at the boisterous puppy, and on prescribed anti inflammatories as well as green lipped mussel and turmeric.

We await the next instalment of being canine parentals!

Have a great weekend.

20 thoughts on “September

  1. some gorgeous craftiness there! absolutely love your watercolours!
    and sending canine hugs to Willow – hope the specialist vet soon gets her sorted!

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  2. Well, goodness, another canine health issue. Glad to hear it is not the dreaded cancer. Love all your bits and pieces that you’ve been working on. That pottery for the garden is something else! No wonder you like them so much.

    I watched all of the funerary services and parades and was so impressed with it all – you are right that you people know how to do it! The marching to the funeral dirges was mesmerizing, that steady sound of boot/shoes hitting pavement quite something, and I couldn’t help thinking that a lot of people were going to have sore feet by the end of that day! Well done all, such respect and loyalty showing all round.

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    1. We did wonder if Compeed blister plasters were sold out around London! The last bit up to Windsor Castle is quite steep too so a bit of a slog to finish with!
      Not had a good couple of years with the dogs. It’s been hard.


        1. All day in wool serge uniforms with metal plate and/or bearskins when it was quite warm would have been tiring too. They were all amazing.


  3. Having sick animals is so difficult – I hope Willow’s problem is sorted soon and without too much angst for any of you. You are so talented doing all those different crafts.

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  4. what range you have … knitting and stitching, potting and painting … all so finely wrought

    and glad to hear hopeful news about Willow … fingers crossed

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  5. Looks like master of many to me. Hardly “sketches” they look beautiful as do the poppy seeds. Thanks for the links, I’ve not heard of it before, some really interesting articles.

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    1. It’s quite an old publication, I have several DVDs of the magazine’s early 00’s as well as paper versions, but there’s quite a lot to see online. A little bit of everything.


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