Ugly Done

It’s been a bit of a strange week. It’s passed even faster than normal and I don’t know why! We’ve pottered in the garden when we can but there is a really horrible east wind and it’s not nice staying out there too long. Frosts have returned too so lots of covering up and bringing in in the evenings.

I finally had the urge to dig out some ‘dead’ fabrics and piece them for the Ugly Quilt. It’s now finished, ten years on, and hanging on the line sideways.

The weird back, which actually I’m quite fond of as it’s used up some non usable fabrics.

I quilted on the Juki in the end in giant Vermicelli rather than try and unearth the long arm, it’s buried that deep. That huge throat space was fabulous but hauling the quilt around didn’t help my torn rotator cuff at all. I will definitely have to long arm any others.

I think this will become a very much loved quilt as I have no hang ups about it being dragged around the garden or having things spilled on it by the Grands or the dogs! It’s going to be used, as they all should be.

The table, which I forgot to show last time, has a new green.

Fingers crossed this wind shifts as forecast to at the weekend!

9 thoughts on “Ugly Done

  1. Why is it ugly? Is it because the colours are not very exciting? Looks quite amazing to me with so many different patterns. I would be quite hooked and forever analysing them and seeing if any are the same.

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    1. The fabrics used are very 1930’s American style, not my favourite. Quite drab browns, sickly oranges and strange blues. I think adding the bricky garnet red has unified it all and made it ok in the end. πŸ˜„ Each block is made as a pair but using different colours which make them look quite different sometimes so yes, it is a puzzle quilt to find the pairs. A challenge to set the Grands when they using it!

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  2. That is so definitely not ugly! What a masterpiece! So much work – well done. It definitely looks like one of those 1930s quilts I’ve seen in ‘Pieces of the Past’ – You should sell it to a museum πŸ˜‰ And nice to know I’m not the only one who makes quilts for others to get mucky – in my case Harry rather than grandchildren.

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  3. The “Ugly Quilt” is beautiful. I like the colours and patterns, massive job completed and done so well. . My mum made me one from our old fabrics and it is still with me after 40 years. She has moved on but the quilt is on my bed every day

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