Domestic Goddess, Ish.

I’ve had a bit of a good week. I finished the Sew4theSoul sew along and made it up into a book.

It was great fun to do, no fuss, no thinking, no timescale. I’m now working on the Boro fabrics for on the spool. Mind you even looking at the photos of the ‘finished’ book I can see areas I could go back and add a little bit more!

I made myself a pegbag! I’ve had the one that came with the whirly line but I found it always too awkward to get your hand in properly and them pull out a fist with pegs in. This is a good, old fashioned type I made up as I went along. It could have a slightly smaller opening and a slightly deeper belly part to be honest. Perhaps I make another, one day.

As I’ve been in proper sewing mode I’ve done a few alterations too. I like loose dresses for around the house but two were halfway down my shins so I shortened them to knee length and another was just too loose and floaty so I remodelled it, including the pockets! Not up to Sewing Bee yet though. I was very pleased with the end results. That’s the domestic Goddess bit over with!!!

I knitted up the Aran hat. It came with a pattern for a shape I call a Smee. Don’t know what they’re really called, slouch or something I expect, but they remind me of Smee’s hat in Peter Pan. Cue rare photo of me trying to photo the slouchy bit, offset rib and the tassel!

I’ve also finished the back of the Fair Isle vest. I’ve found lots of Green Lipped Mussell gel and compression gloves are helping with the pain in my hands.

It looks nice and neat on Doris the mannequin but she’s an ancient size 10-12, I’m not! It also needs blocking.

A quick zoom around some of the pretties in the garden at the moment.

The Cardoons with Ginko, Tamarix, Golden Cotinus and Sambucus Nigra behind. A lovely combination in real life.
Common Iris which we have a lot of just coming into flower.
Rosa Laura Ford, a dainty and fragrant little thing.
A rogue poppy we can’t remember buying but they are always welcome!
The common knapweed, which really is a lovely weed around here on all the chalk but it’s so lovely
we leave it to do it’s own thing.
Now the yellows of spring have passed there seems to be a bit of a purple theme going on.
Clematis Elsa Spathe, Aquilegia and Alliums under Ruger’s Rapple tree.

We had a lovely surprise of another Emperor moth out this morning too. I really don’t think we will have any more but they are in a safe place just incase the last 4 did actually make it and are being a bit tardy.

What happens when you take the dogs zooming on a damp morning when the Oil Seed Rape is going to seed? You have a yellow dog!

I hope you’re all doing well and managing to keep busy.

8 thoughts on “Domestic Goddess, Ish.

    1. These are the ones I had given to me as caterpillars year. It’s been a long journey! Hoping to get some hawk moths and the normal ones in the garden soon too, once the full moon has past more. We had the trap out once but it was a bit quiet.

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