Auction Was Fab!

The GSP Rescue UK auction held on Facebook was fabulous with lots of amazing lots given, including several holidays in beautiful dog friendly places. Lots of money was raised and the bids on my donations were very generous. All off to their new homes now.

While that was going on I had a few days away back at In Stitches this time with Debbie Lyddon.

We had fun observing, drawing, translating and being taught manipulating shape and form. We used mucky things and totally enjoyed ourselves. Of course we were also spoilt by Hazel and Terry’s hospitality again, such a great place to play.

Unfortunately when I returned home I was hit with a nasty cough and have been trying to recover from that. I missed a couple of quite significant dog walks with people I really wanted to catch up with and I missed my first golf competition! (Yes the golf is still going on. Not sure it’s quite my thing but it means I’m out with friends in a beautiful place getting some exercise which, being a sit on my bum creative, is much needed! I will persevere 🙄) Anyway the lovely Tracy who I have been learning with went ahead and only won the competition! I’m so proud of her!

I’ve been trying to clear the the little list of things I want finished for the Christmas Fare and I think I’m now done! Well, there’s enough to have a table and make some charity funds.

I’ve started this years Scheepjes Crochet-a-Long, Rozeta, based on a stained glass window.

I’m also fiddling around with a few other bits like a seasonal wreath but at the rate I’m going Autumn will be done in time for Spring! I should have started with Winter.

Other than that I think I can clear away all the fabric and yarn stuff and perhaps have a play with the things I learned with both Alice Fox and Debbie and see where that takes me.

Oh, and a few dog walks of course!

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