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Life’s in Limbo

I think I will have to scrap November as a bit of a creative write off. The cough from last month took ages to go and just as I was over it John decided he’d like to have a go! Unfortunately he had to take his along with us to Scotland.

We booked a beautiful 1920’s house on Kintyre for a week. It was as remote as you can get and the best bit was absolutely no fireworks to upset Willow!

Plenty of room for sniffing around the 3 acres of garden and a beach across the road.

The weather was fantastic and, as always, Scotland didn’t disappoint with stunning views and the most beautiful light, even on the one day it rained! The autumn colours were glorious and the leaves only had a big fall after a hard frost on the last day. There was snow on the day we left but only high up which we were grateful for.

Yes the sand was that colour and the sea was that green. The low, dark storm clouds intensified everything. The only downside was the 40 minute drive from the house to a proper road and some sort of connection to civilisation, but that was also a blessing.

There was lots of wildlife around including deer, seals and numerous birds especially duck in many guises, but I didn’t once hear my beloved Curlew and I was sad about that.

John struggled through with his cough, plenty of roaring fires and whisky after the fresh air. It wasn’t until a week after we were back that it seemed to stop.

This week I’ve done a little sorting and creatively I’ve been making another lectern fall for the village church but it’s on white velvet and that has really limited what else I can have out in the studio!

Just when we thought we were in the clear I woke up achy and the beginnings of a cold on Wednesday so now I’m in full streaming swing and this morning John has decided to join me in fighting for the tissues. I’m hoping we can get over this lot and that will be the end of it for a while.

I hope you’re all avoiding any lurgies and I will leave you with a picture of the girls zooming off on their beach and go in search of another box of tissues.

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