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One Reliquary Casket

I’ve finished, ish, the casket using Linda’s samples.

It was just an itch to scratch and still needs something. Probably dangles from the closure or a bit more bling somewhere. I gold foiled the inside so it is bling in there!

We had our second Crafty Cuppa this week too. Tracy has been adding rows to her ripple bedspread.

She also finished a Scandi hat, so cute! 😄

And we helped Pauline to relearn crochet. She picked it up again really fast. She’s going straight back in with a rabbit, should be fun!

Well it’s nearly mid May and it’s still a little chilly out there. I’ve restrained myself from putting out my tender succulents so far but the beans in the greenhouse are growing like triffids and need to go out soon! We do half direct and half under glass to start with but they all catch up in the end.

The moth trap has been out a few times but nothing much to report yet. This morning we had a rather handsome Mullein moth amongst a few other regulars and loads of Cockchaffers, May Bugs. Just look at that crest!

And a huge hornet coming out of its sleep.

Roll on a bit of warmth, but perhaps not quite as hot as last year!!

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