What a Blustery Day!

Earlier in the week, when looking ahead, we thought we were going to be out in the garden starting to put things away and deadhead the dahlias. Then we saw the weather forecast! With howling winds and heavy rain I just tucked myself at my table and made a little tri-fold book.

It was nice just sitting and playing with placement and seeing how it wanted to be put together.

A simple thing but very satisfying. I’m definitely going to make more. I’m still battling with the ‘What’s it For!?!’ demon but I’m learning to shut it up.

I had been given another one of Elsa’s quilts to finish. It was all pieced, by hand, and backed and just needed the quilting. As she was going to bin it, it has been granted garden/dog status along with the Ugly Quilt and I just quilted scrolls in the petals of the plates and around the blocks. It looks quite nice finished and will come out again next summer for the Grands to play on and love.

I finished a cotton cardigan as chosen by Olivia in blues, it just needs the buttons. I also started the cardie Cillian chose green buttons for. Hopefully will finish that this week.

The September square has been done and now the October one is waiting in the wings!!

Rachael Singleton of had a post about her cute Busy Bodies and I could immediately see what I wanted to do with one so I sent off for one of her lovely kits. I’ve made it up and the pieces I want to remember on it are coming together nicely.

Other than that I’ve been dodging rain clouds playing golf three time this week, totally shattered! Tracy and I even had an awayday together in the New Forest where it was rather wet and blowy. It made for great Millionaires Golf though! Tracy was nearly blown away a couple of times and the brolly was having none of it! It survived and we had a lovely warming coffee and lunch afterwards.

I guess the days of fair weather golfing are coming to a close this year so I will be back at home more annoying John!!

Have a fabulous, and dry I hope, weekend!!

12 thoughts on “What a Blustery Day!

  1. I love your butterfly and moth book.
    It looks like you have achieved masses considering all the golf as well. You have given me the kick I needed – my energy seems to have gone down the plug-hole this last week – I put it down to seasonal change.

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  2. Love your butterfly and moth book, I too have to fight the ‘what for’ thought with some of my makes, my OH asked the other day why I was making a rabbit, ‘because I can!’ was my answer 🙂

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  3. I really like the little book and I’m always impressed with the amount of projects you have on the go and indeed finish. The ‘what’s it for?’ thing is something I suffer from more and more, with my own work, but not with anyone else’s. I enjoy seeing what other people make and that is a very good reason for making, especially when it it shared with generosity. When you think of it ‘what’s it for?’ applies to all art on one simplistic level, but the answer is deeply complex.
    Keep making the books!


    1. Having been to people’s houses and seen cupboards stuffed with ‘samples’ and bits and everything you can think of, I never wanted that! The Open Studios was a great opportunity to have a goal and also sell things so as well as the amazing gratitude of someone want to own something of your making it cleared a space too! The books are good at using up the bits and quite storable. I don’t want my legacy to be a house clearance from hell for my kids!! 😄


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