A Belated Happy Easter!

No matter your religion Easter is usually a time for families and the first proper gathering of the year, especially if the weather is good. This year must have been hard for many people. Again I am thankful for the instant sharing of photos and communications! Yay for the Internet!

I have been working on the now named Ugly Quilt. It may have been Magical Minis when it was designed but it’s sure evolved since 2009! Being up close to some of the fabrics chosen I’ve realised they must have designed it to use up every fabric that never sold. Anyway, as the blocks are only 4 inches they sort of blur into a whole and the effect is not too bad.

I put on the slat border today and it finishes at 72 x 64 inches. It’s doesn’t bear close scrutiny but it will probably be a garden quilt. With that in mind I have ordered some Polydown wadding for robustness and washability. I’m not wasting my cotton wadding on an ugly quilt for the garden! I’m not sure about the backing at the moment as I have to dig out the large fabrics box from under the long arm and see what’s there. Perhaps I’ll piece some larger bits together, it would suit it!

Not looking forward to uncovering the long arm either! It’s been a while so it’s quite buried. I don’t want the quilt to go from being a UFO in pieces to a UFO flimsy, there would be no point in that.

Have a good rest of the week. This time it’s Willow’s turn to roast on a bed of thyme. They’re becoming portly with the lack of major zooms!

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