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No Stitch but Paint

John and I have done a lot of travelling, mostly BW (before Willow) and I have never really taken advantage and been one of these people who sketch and paint it all. It's something I've always felt guilty about. The sketchbook is packed but it comes back unopened. I do, however, have lots of stitched… Continue reading No Stitch but Paint


Tawny Owl

The first painting I ever sold was of a Tawny and I painted it when I was 12.  This is probably the only other one I've done!  I seem to be running out of steam with the pastels now though, this has taken an age to finish and I'm starting to overwork it so I'm… Continue reading Tawny Owl



I've put the last finishing touches to a painting I started at a Nina Squires group meet a couple of weeks ago.10 x 14 inches pastel on Senellier paper.

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A Nice Find

John was up in the vegetable area digging up the potatoes yesterday because the rats have started raiding them. Tully had a field day although she didn’t catch anything, Ruger’s not allowed to try, he’s too big! When John went to put the potato tops on the compost he found this beautiful slowworm on the… Continue reading A Nice Find

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Yesterday’s Box So Far

Well this is the file box, as was.  Now stuck, stitched,and painted to within a hairs breadth of it's cardboard corners.It's quite metallic and sheeny so quite hard to photograph.  It' now curing outside in the sun before assembly and anything else I can think of.I enjoyed snipping and slapping and can think of a… Continue reading Yesterday’s Box So Far