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Climbing Back onto the Planet

Two blog posts this year. It's April. Oh well, the world doesn't stop turning just because I haven't blogged! Thank you for the where are you messages. I've just been in a funny place since last January which seemed to come to a head this year but I'm hoping to start feeling myself very soon!… Continue reading Climbing Back onto the Planet

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Now Where Was I…?

After spending some time making samples for Brockenhurst I did put together this little book from a 1968, rather well used map of Dorset.  It was falling to pieces along the mappish creases and so it naturally wanted to be pages.  I just added a few bits and stitched it together keeping all the lovely worn… Continue reading Now Where Was I…?

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Making Mess

I have spent years collecting Junk for doing something arty with.  I always knew I wanted to do something with it but hadn't found the what yet.  Recently I've started junk journalling.  I stained up some papers, with able assistance dog.  This is about half the pile left. Gathered stuff, i.e. trashed my studio.and joined in… Continue reading Making Mess

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Oh Deer

Reindeer to be precise.  I did another stab along and did this guy.  He's 18 inches from nose tip to antler top.  There was the option to add a red nose.  I chose not to but he will showing an appearance just at that time of year.Other projects have included this hoop for my embroidery… Continue reading Oh Deer