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March the Beginning

I finished my February #meaninguflmonthlymake. I had seen some spot samplers and when I was having a rummage I found some antiqued pressings and the two sort of came together. I wanted to just encrust the piece of felt with little ‘samplers’ and fills and surround the pressings. I also seem to have more than my fair share of antiqued metal sequins too so they helped fill in spaces wonderfully. It changed orientation a few times too but seems to have settled this way now.

I have completed February with the daily stitch sampler too. Though there are a lot of linear stitches I’m trying to make alternative versions of some of them with threads, colour and of course, combining. If I don’t I can’t see me making it to June let alone December!

I’ve been working on a couple more felt pictures to frame up. I was planning on just mounting them on canvas but I think they may need a little more protection. The felted hare has whiskers kindly donated by a local horse (owner supplied, I didn’t just snip them!).

Twilight found a little Tawny Owl looking for his supper.

For a bit of book listening I’ve started a Cword Cross stitch called Snowy Stack by Bothy Threads. I find leaning over the frame really causes problems with my neck so trying to pace myself.

Knitting this week I have two finishes. I was gifted a pattern, Stylecraft 9888, and some Life Super Chunky in Spice and it made up pretty quickly over the weekend. Good job there was knee resting, and rugby and golf on the tv! I’m not a great fan of the chunky yarns as I don’t really like the bulk but this has been lovely to throw on around the house when it’s been chilly.

As I had a ball left over I made a quick hat, Stylecraft Turn Back Hat, for dog walks. No bobble as they don’t fit comfortably under my dog walking coat.

The Stargazer blanket is now being raffled for the rescue. It’s at just over £400 at the moment which is fabulous. Facebook Donate doesn’t show other ticket sales via PayPal or the bank but Natalie keeps me updated. A link is here GSP Rescue UK Raffle

I started physio last week and that’s going well. Feeling a little stronger in that knee and more confident on it each day. Hopefully I will be allowed to add some distance to my walking after the next session! I’m actually missing playing golf! Not something I’d ever imagine myself saying.

I hope some of you managed to see some of the spectacular Aurora Borealis displays this week. This far south it’s virtually unheard of. There have been some beautiful photos online but this is one taken by a local professional photographer, Robin Goodlad, at the church ruin just the other side of our hill. Glorious colours!

At 14.5 months old Gwynny Pup is an official Princess at last. We thought she was never going to come into season! Trying to plan ahead now with where we fall with holidays and at what point we have her spay. We’d like her to have another season really but as she is so late with this one we may reconsider but she is coping well with this one so we will see.

Just to finish, this is a little group of photos I put up on the Pointer Facebook group. I thought you’d like to see them 😁

19 thoughts on “March the Beginning

  1. that first piece on felt – just wow. Love the felted pieces too – you do such a good job on them. That does look like a good schlepp around the house sweater and what a beautiful design on the back. As always, appreciate the pups – with humor!

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  2. I love the first piece with its sequins and pressings. I have never tried felting (and I REALLY don’t need another crafting hobby!) but your pictures are amazing. And your jacket looks very warm and useful. What a talented and industrious lady you are!

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  3. That first piece looks like an ancient book binding – an absolute treat!

    I have taken to mounting my felt pieces on an artist’s canvas covered with a suitable woollen fabric – that way you get to see all the texture of the felt, but the mounting makes it clear it’s not to be cuddled!

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    1. I’ve been planning few for just the canvas mount, an almost textile equivalent of browser work, but these are quite textural and probably need the frame. Perhaps even frame and no glass. I’ll take them to my framer and see what she thinks.


  4. The aurora borealis picture is stunning … how fortunate you are to have such a talented photographer in your midst … it recalled a long ago happening in Williamsburg, Virginia when I was sitting in a grad school class and noticed the sky outside seemed very strange, but the window was narrow and it was only later that I had in fact witnessed a very rare, very southerly appearance of the northern lights … and I can’t help thinking that this particular image would lend itself to a cloth or paint rendition … or better yet in your case, felt!

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    1. The colours are pretty amazing. I saw them very briefly in Scotland but it was one of those sightings where you question if it was real or not. A show this far south is unheard of. He did need a very slow exposure to capture the colours though. Just a greyish haze to the eye otherwise. It caused quite a stir!


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