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Another Little Tutorial

A couple of posts ago I wrote that I was putting together some of my printed fabrics into a project that has been on the back burner for a while. Well if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you will have seen a few of the results.

I had a few people ask how I made them and so I offered to put together a worksheet which I have now finished.

It’s at the top of the blog under the Tutorial heading and called Fabric Pot Covers. Please let me know if you make any.

Also this week I was contacted by a lady in the village about a project by Textile Artist Lou Gardiner. Lou is sadly very poorly with several brain tumours. Previously Lou made a Cape of Empowerment where she asked people to send her little stitched clouds. This time she is making a Cape of Creative Courage which will be the trunk of an Oak tree. For the canopy she is asking people to send her in flying acorns in a hoop. I followed her instructions and made one to send in.

I quite madly decided on Goldwork which is usually supported by a backing to the fabric. This was not only lacking a backing but the fabric is a sheer silk organza. Thankfully it all went rather well and it’s now winging its way up to Marchmont House in Scotland.

On our daily dog walk we have a stand of about 10 oak trees and they are very special to me. Under one there is a little bit of Ruger, Ellie and Tully and now even a little something of Chris. They are all together being cared for by these beautiful trees. I talk to these trees when I walk under them and I hope a little bit of their magic is working for Lou too.

12 thoughts on “Another Little Tutorial

  1. You do such beautiful work – the flying acorn is exquisite. And how lovely that those oaks are the resting place for bits of not only your furry children but Chris as well. Made me tear up a bit. I’ve hung on to my husband’s ashes as well as the ashes of our last dog and after many years still can’t quite decide what to do with them, just that I know I want them mingled together eventually . . . perhaps with my ashes as well.

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    1. I had to set a part of them all free but the rest will be coming into a little plot with me eventually. Elsa has her instructions! 😊


  2. thank you for the tutorial … the blog world is such a generous place and now I have a thought for what I can do with some of my unfinished projects …

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