Hello ’23

I managed to squeeze in one more finish of the year, but it’s only a little one. A little reindeer kit needed finishing and making into a Small.

So, I have finally managed to dig out the old table for 2022 and update it, something which I have been very much slacking on. It’s really a lovely way to look back and feel I have actually achieved something rather than that vague not sure feeling. I’ve already started a new one with the unfinished pieces. Those Bieldy Slipper have been on several tables now, must finish them!

As I was in a bit of a finish off the year mode I also stitched these two little cheap kits which will be the first finish of ’23. The reindeer one needs a something around the edge but that can be done at a late date.

I found a lovely dark burgundy batik for sashing the random blocks I had made. I didn’t want black or anything too bright and I think it sets them off just right.

So that has been sashed together. You can work out the size as they are 10 inch blocks with 2 inch sashing.

The backing is very hard to photograph as it’s so busy! It has a riot of colours that work with the front though. Only trouble is it is only about 2 inches bigger than the front and that could cause problems. I am either going to have to enlarge it someway or perhaps uncover the longarm and see if mounting it will help. That’s a big job though with half the studio space still dumped in there.

I’ve been stitching on some felt balls I had made and some felt dryer balls I had to add to the Temari Not balls I did for Workshop on the Web a few years ago. They have been great little thing to have in my bag to just pick up.

Another finish for the table for the New Year is the Stylecraft 9966 Granny Motif Cardigan. This is an unbelievably simple way of putting together a cardigan and completely adaptable to all sorts of variants. I wouldn’t recommend the ReCreate yarn though. It shows it’s recycled heritage in being a bit scratchy.

I thought I’d been looking forward to the end of a horrid year. When it came to the actual time I found I was rather reluctant and the depression hit a bit hard. I didn’t want to let go of the year I had last held and spoken to Chris. It seems it has all has finally caught up with me and my health is now suffering badly. I had a routine check up and my blood pressure has been dangerously high.

Thankfully my surgery leapt into action and we are working to find a good balance of medication. After two days of tablets and rest…

I’m also planning on more mindful approach to each day, making sure it think about what I am doing and trying to literally not bust a blood vessel. It’s still going up in the evening so today the doctors may tweak the meds a bit more.

So I tried starting well and was knocked straight back down again. I know things are very much changed within me now but I’m becoming very tired of the one step forward two steps back thing. I just hope every cloud does have a silver lining as Mother was trying to show me last night.

21 thoughts on “Hello ’23

  1. Impressive work as ever Amanda, the quilt in particular is beautiful. I’m so sorry about your health, it is understandable though in every way. I’m sure lots of us are thinking about you and sending long distance support through the ether. xxx

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  2. Grief is such a horrible state. I remember so well that feeling of wanting / needing to move on but not wanting to leave behind. I am so sorry to hear about your blod pressure but not surprised. As soon as I read your post I knew what I wanted /ought to say – if I am speaking out of turn please forgive me and ignore this comment. Your body is saying ‘STOP’. You need time and space to allow your grief to be processed. And if you ignore the warnings it will MAKE you stop by doing something drastic. So if you possibly can, imagine what you would do (or rather not do) if you were seriously ill and then axt as if you were. You will recover, life will go on, you will find joy again – eventually. Meanwhile big hugs. Sue

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    1. Thank you. I’m trying to be kind to this vessel but something isn’t paying attention. It’s like the void inside has a blockage. I’m not sure what to do with it. I’m sure you’re right in that time will tell. The advice of others who have been there is very welcome. Thank you for the hugs too. x

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      1. I sometimes think thosedelicate Victorian ladies were not so daft – when trouble comes have a fit of the vapours and retire to bed clutching the laudanum bottle. The laudanum is better replaced with tea and a hot water but the bottle but the hiding away and letting the world take care of itself I like.

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  3. So many beautiful projects. I can relate to so much of what you are experiencing and of course each individual feels the effects of grief in very different and unpredictable ways.
    I had a grief related health scare recently which came completely out of the blue.
    I am dealing with the aftermath by being even more of a hermit than usual and apart from conventional medication, crochet is my drug of choice. Long quiet hours of it whilst binge watching soothing programmes on the TV or computer.
    I do hope you find your balance, but it takes time. Take the time you need and know that your blogging friends are riding alongside you as much as we can. 💕💕💕

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    1. I’m definitely wanting to stay behind closed doors. Mostly for me but a little is not wanting to put others through the difficulty of having to talk to me. I see the dread in their faces. I have my dear close friends and a larger circle of those I’ve had to interact with. The groups online I have to deal with are nicely distant and you lovely lot, some of whom I have known for many years, are gentle interactions. The dogs and my creating is still the best place at the moment though. I can do alot with my feet up!

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  4. Your table looks very impressive and those last finishes are fabulous – especially the wonderfully riotous multicoloured quilt. Time and rest. They sound so easy but can be so difficult but I hope you can start to inch forward now. Much love, Alex


  5. Be kind to yourself. Build lots of nice bits in to your days. The finishes are lovely, but enjoy the process along the way. Rest and relaxation are what you need. Do for yourself what you would urge a friend to do in your situation xx

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  6. As everyone else is saying, it sounds as if you would benefit from some time out and proper rest if you can. I imagine small projects are probably helpful right now – loving those little balls.

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  7. Oh oh dear. Those are indeed dangerous blood pressure readings. I’m so glad they became evident before some catastrophic health event crashed down upon you. I don’t know you well enough to offer any advice, but I am thinking of you with sorrow for your loss and hope for your future.

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  8. You have made some lovely things, and you will do so in the future. But as others have said, grief is a tricky beast to manage. You have to allow yourself to pause and recover. Don’t ask too much of yourself, and find something that you can quietly enjoy while resting!

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    1. Very easy jacket! You’d love it. I am not a tactile person but I’m finding I do need and am asking for hugs. Such a strange turn. ❤️


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