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Dealing With a Blockage

Not as bad as it seems!!! I’m finding the SALs I’m doing, the That Which Does Not Kill Us and the Nordic Band Sampler are actual blockers. I started them as a nice thing to have on a regular basis and perhaps kickstart me into making more again. I walk into my studio space to do one thing and there they are waiting for me to get on with them. So I do. And then I’ve forgotten or lost the enthusiasm, or at this time of year the cooler morning time, to do what I went in there for! I’m having a love hate relationship with them! I will either only perhaps chose one if I really like it or maybe none at all in future. But those I have done have served their purpose.

As I’m speaking of the SALs, I’m up to date with both the Nordic Sampler…

And the That Which Does Not Kill Us…

I think there is only one week left to the TWDNKU to add some tweaks should we like them.

I cracked on and finished the Under the Sea Crochet a Long by Stylecraft. The blocks were joined and the border’s first row were all back loop only. I’m not, nor ever have been, a fan. Yes leaving the front loop puts a nice band on the work but working the single loop just leaves a weak point and can be a bit baggy. With both front or back loop choices, when asked for, I always include the orphan 3rd stitch that lies under the front and back pair that lay on the top. If you’re a crocheter you’ll know what I mean. If you need help understanding, just leave a message! 😄 Anyway it took a little longer hoiking that little orphaned stitch out to add to the back loop onlys but I was happier and I think the blocks and border are more stable because of it.

I’ve now donated it to the GSP Rescue UK Autumn raffle so it will go to a good home and raise very much needed funds. So many dogs coming in with these hard times, so scary for them.

I had the Owl pictures back from the exhibition. They didn’t sell but then I’m not surprised. People have better things to be saving their money for at the moment. A few bits in the exhibition did sell but to my mind they were very much under priced pieces and that cheapens all of our work. I don’t overcharge myself, I don’t think anyway, but I’m not giving it away either. Having visited several other exhibitions recently I think I have pitched just about right. It’s a difficult thing!

I have managed to put together another piece recently. I’ve used feather quills for whiskers here from my fly tying kit but I’m waiting on a friend to bring me some of her horse hair to see if it’s a better size.

This is more 3D and will be in a deeper frame as his ear sticks out away from the base.

I’ve been seeing a lovely physio for the past few months for all the ailments. She works with a holistic approach and whichever part of the whole needs attention at the time. Along with all the arthritis this summer I had a Bakers Cyst (popliteal cyst for you medical types) which messed up the only joint I had left, my right knee, seemingly unaffected by the arthritis. It didn’t help when I unthinkingly knelt down to do something with the puppy and it popped. Luckily it wasn’t a big one and didn’t go into the calf but it’s still caused lots of issues on that side. Just when I was using it almost normally, it’s best when I keep moving or it seizes up, I had a vein go in my other calf! You couldn’t make this up. The huge bruise from that is now starting to fade and I’m wondering what’s next!

My last physio session with her she handed me a little bag with all these lovely threads in.

They were given to her by her 84 year old neighbour who had them from an Aunt. From what I can find online this brand of thread, knitting and crochet yarns were around 1904 – 1924ish so 100 years old and still very usable!

Now I seem to be in the creative flow again (Shhhh incase that falls under a train) I am going to see if I can make some more bits which make me happy.

This making may include some apple sauce. That is if Gwyn pup actually leaves any apples as she has taken on Rugers trait of finding all the fallers and bringing them in!

It’s finally raining here and the garden is slurping and the water butts are filling, and the dogs are bringing in muddy paw prints again. It’s a battle somedays!

Have a great week.

30 thoughts on “Dealing With a Blockage

  1. I like to see the progress with the SALS, but if they are stopping you making work as gorgeous as that hare, it’s a good idea to take a break from them! Those threads are wonderful too, a lovely bit of history for you to work with and give them a purpose. [No pressure…]
    Hope your legs continue to improve, look after yourself.

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    1. They kept my hands busy while other things were taking priority. Now John is more stable, pup is a little older and other dust is coming to rest I’m starting to think more creatively! 🤞


  2. oh wow! love your hare needlefelt picture!
    I find SALs, CALs, and other set projects usually see me run out of motivation within a short space of time so I tend to just work on what I fancy when I fancy. Saying that, I do belong to one SAL, but it’s one where everyone works on the project of their choice and works at their own pace.

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  3. Wow, the hare is stunning! I like your take on the exhibition pieces too. I’m surprised they didn’t sell as I thought they were fabulous – very appealing and saleable, but with so many people tightening their belts at the moment, you have to be realistic if you are selling things which come under the heading of ‘luxuries’.

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    1. There are a few more exhibitions coming up and there will always be open Studios in 2024 so they will be needed. 😁 Hopefully in better times!


        1. Yes, pricing is one of my most hated but necessary tasks when exhibiting. It’s not always helpful to see what others are doing and so frustrating to go up against those practically giving their work away.

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          1. We have two ladies in the society who bang paintings out at a phenomenal rate and sell them so cheap it make the rest of us look over priced. Very annoying. But, as you know painting and stitch are two very different animals especially if they have a formula and style that is fast and works. Stitch is never fast!


  4. the whiskers … I love the whiskers!

    the physical stuff not so much … it seems like we just go from one body part issue to another these days, but just like 100+ year old thread, at least most of it can still be used (wink) … and wow, those threads are so lustrous!

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  5. That hare! Wow! It’s wonderful. And the vintage threads, very you colourwise – you are bound to find just the right project for them.
    Do hope the health issues recede and you can enjoy a bit of peace on that front.

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  6. Sorry to hear about all you health issues. Hope you get on top of them all soon. The Hare picture is wonderful. I presume you were sewing the crochet shapes together. If you use slip stitches you get a much more robust join even just through the back loops.

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  7. So much to make me smile here. I can’t believe how much I love your under the sea. If I was in the area, I’d definitely buy some raffle tickets. The hare is lovely too and interesting to hear what you are trying for the whiskers. And of course, the pic of Gwyn with a mouthful of apple brought the biggest smile.

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  8. I don’t understand the crochet terms, have just started some for the first time in years, but sounds a useful technique. The edging looks great.
    I totally agree with not under pricing yourself – if you are go to give your work away you can choose who you give it to.
    Creativity takes time and energy, and all the stressful events you have had take up both.
    The rayon is lovely, and worth the struggle with it, works well for bullion knots.
    Surprised the hare didn’t’ t sell, he’s lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My thought exactly, my choice who has gifts and what prices I want. Thank you for the reminder on Bullion knots! Not my favourite stitch but the rayon would slip well. 😊


  9. Sometimes one project works well and then another time you need something else. I’m glad to hear that John is more stable and of course Gwyn will be easier as she gets older and is trained so maybe now is one of those times when everything shifts a bit.


  10. The hare is absolutely stunning, stick to your guns with pricing, there will always be those that sell at low prices, often less than the materials, but there are also customers out there who appreciate the hours and the skill that goes into making such a piece of art.


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