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Summer Rolls On

Looking for something portable, light and easy to do in the heat I picked up the Rico Fashion Modern Tweed vest pattern R1906 in Mustard to finish. The pattern is one that finishes about the model’s belly button so, knowing I like about a 16 inch side seam, I added a fair bit to the length. I also know from past sleeveless knits I don’t like the non existent arm hole, ones where the sides are actually straight and gives a boxy drop shoulder. Being big boobed I don’t need the extra width that shape tends to give. I marked the armhole and then did a pretty standard casting off to give a proper armscye shaping. The original also had an extra fold down part to the collar which I didn’t like.

I’m really pleased with it, despite all my alterations, and it’s not in my usual colour-way but the mustard will go lovely with denim blue of jeans.

I laid out the Stylecraft Under the Sea crochet-a-long. I knew I was 4 blocks short as I wasn’t sure I enjoyed doing the ones which are supposed to be x8, the anemone ones next to the corner blocks already. As the yarn quantities are a bit tight I will now be going back and making the other 4 as per the pattern.

We were very happy to have the crop taken off the field behind the house last week. After seeing many fires on the news and a couple fairly close to home we were a little worried with how dry everything is. Of course there are always casualties with farming and those that benefit. We’ve only had Red Kites down here for about 8 years but now they are quite common. They do a fabulous job of cleaning up as they are more opportunistic scavengers than hunters. They’ve often been a part of our dog walks lately during harvest but this week they found something at the end of the garden and I could watch them for ages. Poor photo as it’s a still from a video I took through the bedroom window.

It was quite a relief when the farmer went around the edge of the field a couple of times so there is now a bit of a firebreak effect.

Hugo & Hudson have been very generous in helping the GSP Rescue by donating items for our fundraisers. I have been spending time adding the rescue tape to the necks, just to make them a little more particular (H&H labels and embroidery all still attached of course!). Gwyn had her first modelling experience even though this coat is an XL and swamped her a little!

We are so looking forward for the weather to break, hopefully after this weekend. I hope you are all managing ok. Keep cool and keep safe!

18 thoughts on “Summer Rolls On

  1. The “under the sea” is so bright and cheerful, it looks very complicated. The armhole shaping has worked so well, I have the same need to not have the extra bulk of the drop shoulder / boxy shape.

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    1. I’m becoming very fond of shirts. They seem to be my favourite at the moment. Perhaps I’ve grown up from T-shirts a little. Trying to match the knitwear with shirtish options. 😁


  2. I’m glad the field is cut now – my parents are in the same boat and waiting for a huge field of barley next to them to go, so I can appreciate how nerve wracking it’s been. Loving those bright cool colours of the under the sea project too!

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    1. It’s not something most people think about. Flooding maybe but fire risk? Future insurance clauses almost being re written. 😟


  3. The vest top looks lovely – and probably nothing like the original pattern! I am all in favour of modifying to get what suits me. The blanket is very cheerful and seaside-y.

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  4. so much to like about the vest … the neckline, the textures, the length … hope you recorded your changes as it looks like it could be lovely to repeat in another color someday

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  5. Well you ended up making that vest your own pattern. Looks good. Under the Sea blanket looks very colourful. After your vest weren’t you tempted to change the order of the squares to make more of the ones you liked making?


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