Being in the Wars

Well we’ve had a few weeks of strangeness starting with John and a nosebleed. Not just any nosebleed of course. His has to involve blood vessels well up into the sinus cavity and being on two types of blood thinners. Then there was the no response from 111, 999 having a 4 hour minimum ambulance wait, he’d been bleeding for 1.5 hours by then (I’d been out), a dash down to our nearest minor injuries where the 999 had told us to go then a further scramble down to Poole hospital where they have ear, nose and throat specialists. All this time John is filling up bowls with my nagging him not to swallow or we’d have no control when things wanted to make an appearance again. I just drove up the ambulance ramp dropped him off in the A&E and went and parked the car. Luckily it was Saturday night and the multi story car park had plenty of spaces and I could find a nice cool place to leave it as I had the dogs with us. I made it back to A&E, which was quite busy, and we were quickly directed through to the assessment room with John still heavily bleeding. They couldn’t find any blood pressure and then he went grey. We were whisked through to resus where he tried leaving me again. How very dare he! Two bags of very forced in Ringer’s and a 4 inch Rapid Rhino shoved up his nose and he finally stabilised enough that they could find his blood pressure. Well that’s the simplified version. He’s back home and being fed plenty of red meat and green vegetables to make up for the huge blood loss. He’s not going anywhere just yet!

I have a minor niggle of a knee that is swollen with a lump on the back which could be a Baker’s cyst or just wear and tear. I’m elevating and icing and taking pain relief. Time is the only healer here.

In the meantime I followed a link on Nana Cathy’s blog to a company called Japan Crafts where she had bought a lovely Rice Bag kit. I liked the boro bag kit and bought that for something to keep as a pick up quick thing.

I cut up all the fabrics supplied and laid them out.

I then looked at the Sashiko thread they had supplied. I thought it was too thick for the look I wanted so found some of my own instead. I know I will use the other somewhere though!

Having this as a long term project soon went out of the window. I enjoyed it so much I just kept stitching. I also added some rust red thread and diagonals. Not sure if they are ‘allowed’ but it’s my bag so I can do it my way.

Then, as I want to use it to keep my pub quiz pad and pens in I made a little purse to go in it too.

Recently I treated myself to some new scissors.

If you’ve been here a while you will know I have an embarrassing number of scissors!!!

As I sold a few pieces recently I treated myself. I may even take them out of the box to use them sometimes. *sigh*

Knitting and crochet is still ticking along a little and I have this top going as my new pick up piece. I will of course be adding to the length as I’m not a skinny 20 something.

The Nordic Sampler is up to date now.

As is TWDNKU but the last glass jar has been released today so more to do.

In the garden I needed to stop Gwyn using shortcuts so I used a ball of twine and some hazel sticks I cut from elsewhere to make a fence. I took this photo a few weeks ago and the Iris’s have grown and are flowering much better without puppy trampling them.

Speaking of which….

The little puppy is a 6 month old 18 kg lump now and learning how not to charge around in the heat. But she’s doing well at school and enjoying the agility.

Have a great weekend.

27 thoughts on “Being in the Wars

    1. It is worrying and had he collapsed on me like he did in hospital there would have been nothing I could have done. Once that blood is lost no amount of CPR would have brought him back.
      Tully is plodding along in her little dementia world, bless her. X

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  1. I suspect that was all a great deal more scary than you’re letting on and also very worrying about the poor ambulance response. Thank goodness he’s safely home and being well fed. I loved your boro bag when I saw it on Instagram and I think the rust/red is a fantastic addition.

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    1. At least they were honest with me and I could take my own action. It’s becoming a bit of a perfect storm isn’t it.
      I was pleased with the red too. Just a bit of something. 😊


  2. I am so sorry to hear about the medical drama. It must have been extremely scarey and thank goodness you had got him to A&E. Unfortunately treating one problem often seems to cause others and it takes time to find a new stability. I love the Boro bag and I, too, like th inclusion of rust. As to some diagonal lines I am, as you know, a rule breaker so I include patches of all shapes and lines that curve or squiggle – it may not be traditional but who cares? Gwyn is growing so fast! But is gorgeous with it.

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    1. Your reply was marked as spam by WordPress and I’ve only just found it! 😳 So sorry. Yes, it’s nice to do our own thing 😁. Even the weeds in the garden aren’t growing as fast.

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  3. What a frightening time, very stressful for you both, pleased to hear John’s on the mend. The stitching is such a good distracted, and very beautiful too.
    Look after yourselves.

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  4. So sorry to hear about your recent scare and so glad John is recovering from it. Must have been really terrible at the time. Love the bag. I so admire people who are good at sewing. Your other sewing projects are lovely too.

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    1. Like with his heart attack, it’s not until later you realise what was at stake. Boro is nice, easy, let it all just happen stitching. Just what I needed. 😊

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  5. Goodness me, Amanda, what an incredibly stressful time you have had, and what a trouper you really are. My very best wishes to John, that he makes a steady but full recovery. It is going to take some time, isn’t it. He has a lot of body strength to make up.
    How lovely that you had a project to give you some respite. I love the bag. Take care!

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  6. That must have been so frightening. All best wishes to you both for a good recovery. Thank goodness for sewing, a great calmer in difficult and worrying times.

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    1. A bit panicy as we had the dogs and after everything I went home with his glasses and his phone. Thank goodness my friend Tracy could have the dogs the next morning while I ran them over to him. Felt better once I knew he could see, had some jammies and I could speak to him on the phone! 🙄😊


  7. I just LOVE your bag and good on you to let the stitching guide you different directions. Turned out great. As for the rush to the hospital, oh me oh my, what a scare, but glad everyone survived, including the dogs waiting in the car, no doubt wondering what all the hub bub was about. As for your new knitting project, what? You don’t want to show off your belly button? Yeah, me neither – lol. And finally, oh what a typical aren’t I just adorable and can do no wrong look from Gwyn you’ve captured. The look that says “love me, mom” and of course you do, in spite of her wandering off the path in the garden. Just adorable. Stay safe and well, especially John. Sheesh – just stop that!

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    1. She does do Adorable very well. She also has a But! Butt. When she’s been a bit naughty that back end and super long tail go into overdrive! 😄


  8. Oh heck, poor John (and poor you!) Good job they managed to sort him! The rice bag is lovely, you’ve definitely made it your own!!!

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