Slowly Getting Done

Well I can’t quite believe how fast May has gone! Though we’ve had warm weather we’ve also had some torrential downpours and massive thunderstorms and lightning. Little Gwyn has taken it all in her stride thankfully.

Quick catch up with the Stitch and Crochet a Longs. The Nordic sampler is almost up to date with the little Snowmen band. Just the last one and their eyes etc to go on.

That Which Does Not Kill Us is a bit behind. I find this one hurts my hands but I’m nibbling away at it.

The Stylecraft Under the Sea CAL is growing slowly too. I’ve done the wave blocks and the starfish. Sand Dollars next.

I made another Elephant with the lilac fabric from Liberty. I knew the foibles of the pattern this time!

The bright Disappearing Nine Patch quilt I’ve layered up and started to hand quilt. The only wadding I had was 100% cotton. A bit annoyed to use it on a scrappy quilt that will probably be washed a lot for kids but it’s what I had and I didn’t want to go and buy polyester or even 80/20. If I have something that I can use, I will use it! I took the emblem shape of the little bird on some of the fabric for the larger squares, hearts for the smaller squares and sort of infinity 8 shape for the rectangles. I’ve changed the directions of the birds and hearts so there is no top and bottom.

I’m using a Madeira Lana thread in red and blue depending which will show on the block and I’m about a quarter done.

As I’m doing well at using things up I decided to join in making a Hendricks Scrappy Hare by Lesley Parsons. I have a large box of Harris Tweed, all lovingly saved for something. So this is a something. He’s at the patching stage, I’ve just started stitching on the leg parts. At the moment he’s 16 inches tall without ears. As I have lots of pattern book fabrics to use too, if I do another I may reduce the pattern a little. Enjoyable to stitch though.

I had a lovely delivery of threads this week from Karen of Stitching Life.

Then FB reminded me I had also bought some from her ten years ago! Where does the time go?

So what do you do when you’re given a bag of 50 or so of now unneeded club ties? To save them from landfill I made them into bunting for the club! It’s something anyway and if it raises a smile I’m happy.

I hope you’re all having time to be creative or be out in the garden. Things are growing so fast in this warm wet. I made the decision to put the Patchwork of Crosses away. Again. It was just causing a brain block and I have plenty to be getting on with. Last weekend I spent a couple of days in Surrey with my online fitness group. It was great fun to finally meet a lot of them. Totally exhausting too.

And there’s always the dog walks and training in between too. I took Gwyn on her first longer walk which she totally loved. Lots to sniff and explore. I think we will be having some lovely adventures when she is older.

Stay warm/cool/dry, whatever you weather is throwing at you!

12 thoughts on “Slowly Getting Done

  1. Karen’s threads are gorgeous … past and present … can’t wait to see what you make of them

    and your hare looks amazing, even at this stage of becoming

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  2. Oh my goodness, where on earth has ten years gone?! Thank you so much for featuring the threads – funny how the last decade has brought me round in a big circle to exactly where I used to be. I really am meeting myself coming back 😄

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  3. Lots of lovely stuff, as usual!!! Loving the sea themed crochet, and thanks for the tie bunting inspiration! Great ideas! Xxc


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