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Some Away and an Exhibition

We’ve been back to our beloved Pembrokeshire, our home from home, the only place we considered as a moving too place. The land of half my fathers.

It was Gwyn’s first holiday and she was a little cautious at first.

But she soon found her paws!

We met up with friends and their Pointers, one of which is just a year old himself so they had great fun and games.

Eventually they had zoomed so much it was hard to hear the tv in the evenings!

The cottage we stay in has the most amazing birdlife around it. On Thursday we were sat on the patio and there was the most haunting of calls coming up from the water. I looked over and saw what I thought was a cormorant, but it wasn’t. It was a Great Northern Diver or Common Loon, not so common here! If you’re in the US you’ll know the call. If you watch spooky movies you’ll know it too. It’s worth a Google! The call of the Curlew and Whimbrels is what makes my heart sing but that call was very special too.

On the way home we stopped in Neath so I could go and see Stephanie Redfern’s exhibition.

It was so lovely to finally see Steph’s work for real having followed her for absolutely years. I was hoping for a moth or two but had to settle for a golden plumaged bird instead.

So now we’re home, the dogs are fed, the washing machine is on and the wine is poured and I can start thinking about what’s coming up next and some evening crochet.

Have a lovely weekend.

15 thoughts on “Some Away and an Exhibition

    1. I thought I’d taken more photos but only in my mind it seems! I’m so happy to have finally seen your work in the real. What photos don’t show is how fine and delicate it is. So lovely.

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    1. We avoided Newgale as John finds it such a struggle over the stones to the sand. I had to do a lot of the walking alone this time but the girls didn’t mind 😊


  1. Enjoyed the photos of Pembrokeshire with the dogs – have plans to walk that coastline next year! How often the great outdoors sparks inspiration for our textiles, as in Stephanie Redfern’s lovely work.

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