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April Round Up

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post for ages but just haven’t done it. I thought I’d better try and do one before the end of the month at least. First a quick round up of Crochet-a-Longs and Stitch-a-Longs.

The Stitching Cabin Nordic Winter SAL is now up to band 4. I’m using a variegated red and Diamant gold thread.

The That Which Does Not Kill Us SAL by Urban Stitchers is a little further ahead. I’ve just started the pennyroyal but I am struggling a little with the single thread and fine linen weave so taking it steady with good light and a magnifier. Also the stitching neck position is not as sustainable as it used to be so little and often is the way forward with these.

I wasn’t going to start the Stylecraft CAL but just had a moment. I’m not sure why I wanted to do this one but perhaps it was the promise of the beach. Sorry about the light on some of these photos.

My Snowdrift blanket by Lillabjorn Crochet is coming along nicely too. I paid for the Ravelry version as proceeds were going to Ukraine. There is a free option on her website though.

I actually finished the Summer Wreath too! That’s all four seasons done now, thank goodness. That unforgiving fine cotton work is another thing that hurts my hands! I hate this aging thing. I have added a few more flowers since this photo. I think the red white and blue will also be appropriate for the Jubilee this summer too!

My son Chris’s girlfriend had a special birthday. As she is a Pilates instructor I had great fun making up these legwarmers for her. They made me smile and she has said she will actually wear them, though I’m not holding her to that!

When it comes to magazines I’m not a huge reader but I like a treat now and then of one of the more specialist American ones like Quilting Arts or a Stampington. Never do I read Crafts Beautiful or the like as I find them a little safe and at home. I was a little surprised to find myself picking up a copy on a recent visit to a supermarket however! No idea why apart from a sheet of stamps on the front I could possibly use in the future. Reading through it (more like actually skipping through it quite rapidly) I found a pattern for an elephant using 4 Liberty fat quarters. I had 8 Liberty fat quarters, 4 blues and 4 lilacs, sent to me when I sent in my subscription for the Quilters Guild recently. Apparently I’d forgotten to renew during the past two years of Covid and it was a welcome back pack. So I printed the pattern and prepped the fabrics. (The light in these photos is really bad!! Must try harder!)

Anyway, I made the patches and cut it out and struggled understanding the appalling instructions and put it together the way I think It should have gone together. (How novice creators are supposed to actually learn how to do something with instructions written that badly is beyond me!).

I just need to finnish and attach the ears and then perhaps make the lilac one. I’m thinking ahead to the village Christmas Fair here. I’m just chuffed I have found a use for the Liberty fabrics as, if you know me, I am as far from Liberty floweriness as you can get!

Also two other things happened when I went to get the fabrics out of the boxes. First I found an embarrassingly large stack of bagged up, themed and coordinated fat quarters from Hancock’s of Paducah. I took one of the bags and had a lovely day putting together a Disappearing Nine Patch. Toying with the idea of actually hand quilting it. Maybe. I’ll have to get on and do some more flimsies with the others.

Also in the fabric box I found that after I had made this quilt…

and this one too…

…I had quite a lot of leftover Jinny Beyer fabrics. There had obviously been a plan at some point to use them with church window hexagons as there’s the template and papers.

I have the Patchwork of Crosses book somewhere too. So they are out and I’ve begun to do a little something with them. Whether they end up back in the box for another 10 years will be seen!

So I’ve actually been fiddling with fabric and quite enjoying myself but the best thing is, It’s Using Stuff UPPPPP!!!!

If you’re still reading, thank you, but I finish with the little madam Gwyn at school.

Going for walkies with friends too now, which she loves. Such a good girl.

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend.

15 thoughts on “April Round Up

  1. Grrr – one of my absolute pet peeves is those poorly written directions that as you say would make a novice think it was THEIR fault they couldn’t figure things out. Cute elephant though.

    Quite the archeological dig you’ve got going there! Never fails to amaze me what I have hidden away in bins with such good intentions to complete and now years on sometimes don’t even remember the plan! But yes – use that stuff up someway!

    As always, thanks for the smiles the canines pics always bring. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m determined to make headway through some of it and if anyone wants something I’ve made or I can sell it on for a charity all the better. Posing pooches just for you 😄


  2. Wow, such a lot of wonderful projects. Special love for the very first one the wreath and the elephant. I am always shocked when I have to hunt for something to find bags of projects with materials and instructions at the ready.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That was such a joy to spin round all your various finishes and works in progress! Glorious quilts and fabrics and the elephants are lovely, so well done for persevering in spite of the lousy instructions. It’ annoys me so much when you get a lovely design and the instructions make no sense at all. I’ve been fighting with the same problem this afternoon with a book on Ruskin lace so I’m with you on that one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I write them I’d like to think I’ve covered every eventuality and ability to the risk of egg sucking grannies but better to have it covered than omitted.

      Liked by 2 people

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