December Almost There

I managed to finish off the last of the silk thrums with two more bowls and a couple of placemats.

What I was most happy about is that a good sized carrier bag of stuff just sitting in the way is now used up and useful!! Well I had the smallest amount left which went in the bin. I didn’t even have an ‘it might be useful one day’ moment!

Black Sheep have had what they’ve called a Faffalong. Just some silly bits to make silly bits with. They sent a box and got stuck in making it up as I went. First was a chain of stars from three tiny balls of Catona cotton yarn.

Then I had a little cross stitch card to make. The aida was a little skimpy for the card so I popped it into a small hoop instead. Works just as well.

Some wired tartan ribbon and some velvet ribbon became bows for around a wire wreath hoop.

There was some strange Mystique yarn which was almost paper like a baby wipe. The most unChristmassy colours too. I just used them up together into a drawstring bag.

Two larger balls of Catona cotton and some tiny bells became larger bells. All those mushrooms from the Autumn wreath gave me the idea for these as I just adapted the mushroom cap slightly. They even tinkle!

I’ve just finished a tunic top for me. A James C Brett chunky with merino so ideal for throwing on over jeans around the house.

I’m doing a little stitching into bitsa books and I have being enjoying the time just sitting with needle and thread again. Perhaps it will lead to more stitch. I have also been going through all my photos of the crows from our time in Wales and made some quick sketches with a skewer. There were also a few photos of corvids from the golf course but a lot were rooks and I didn’t want those. Fussy I know.

Speaking of golf, we had the Christmas game with lunch and presentations for 2020 winners. I had a stinking cold so couldn’t go. Luckily Tracy picked up the trophies for me so I did actually get to see one of the ones I won and I also received a tumbler for another I won but the trophy doesn’t leave the club house.

Since I last wrote John was taken to hospital in a bit of a rush again. It seems he has atrial fibrillation. His pulse is between 20 and 150 on and off all day, ECG’s are a bit like a drunk spider that’s walked through ink. We’re not sure how long he’s had it but it’s possibly damage from the heart attack. Tablets don’t seem to be doing much to calm it at the moment but we are seeing a specialist this week when we will find out what the options are. They do amazing things now-a-days!

We hope you all have an amazing Christmas with, hopefully, seeing loved ones and it being as normal as possible. We are keeping it quiet here just one day at a time. The dogs are enjoying the cool walks and warm log fires and looking forward to Santa Paws visiting!

Who needs one of those fancy shmancy yarn bowls when you can have a Tully!!!

15 thoughts on “December Almost There

  1. You have been busy! Your sketches of crows are stunning, you really capture them well. Re AF, if the tablets don’t settle it down there’s always ablation which we do in my department, cath labs, unfortunately it’s one of the waiting lists that’s been hit hard by covid so if he’s undecided but has the chance, at least get on the waiting list, he’ll have plenty of time to think about it!

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    1. Ablation has been mentioned in the various options. Is that open or through a vein? He’s a bit worried about open, but it’s better than the ultimate option!


  2. Very best wishes for a peaceful Christmas, and GOOD Health to John in 2022.
    You have been SO productive. Well done you. I applaud the “finishing off” of products, and “using up”! Everything looks so cheerful.
    I love the corvids!

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  3. I love all your little bitty projects and am very impressed that you managed to put the left over silk thrums in the bin – I’ve trimmed two smaller items recently and had to force myself to throw away the offcuts! I really hope John’s health improves – as you say they can do amazing things these days, but it’s such a worry. All the very best for a lovely peaceful Christmas. xx

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    1. Sometimes the having no particular end result as a goal is an interesting challenge that can lead to other things. I enjoyed just having the bits and no patterns. 😊

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  4. I love all those little projects that you made. That tunic is fabulous as are the bowls and placemats. I hope the specialist can get John’s a-fib under control. The Watchman was recommended for my mother, but at 93 she didn’t want to go through any surgery with all her other ailments. Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!

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