Rest and Recuperation

As you can imagine we’ve been taking it slowly as John finds his feet again. He is finding that his ‘battery’ runs low quite quickly and it takes a while to recharge. He is also taking a trial drug which is giving him the occasional headache and shortness of breath. It’s doing all the other things properly though so that is the main thing. Luckily it was his plumbing and not the pump at fault and as they checked everything else that could be blocked he just has to eat well and try and get a little more active when he’s not tired. Thankfully having had quite a few tummy ops myself I can help him with the coughing and sneezing techniques! I’m sure there are a few of you ladies who know what I mean!!

I have been having a play with inks now and then this week which has been quite soothing. Just seeing where the line takes me as I’m working along with Joanna Veevers.

The two SAL’s I’m following have had additions.

The Faby Rielly Jacquie has a new dragonfly with a raised stumpworked wing and woven abdomen.

The Bug Box with Cathy Reevy I have a green beetle and a stick insect added. Cathy actually did two leaves but I wanted to add another insect and chose something she hasn’t done.

The Nativety family now have Angels with stars. Thanks to my friend Tracy donating some yellow yarn I could finish these. Yellow seems to be a colour I really don’t have!

Finally this week poor Ellie had to have some lumps removed including a rather alarming one from the inside of her lip and another on her cheek. Thankfully the tests came back clear but we are still none the wiser why the strange one came up. She’s been feeling a little sorry for herself but she is doing well and the fur will grow back in no time.

Have a lovely weekend.

15 thoughts on “Rest and Recuperation

  1. Pleased John is improving, no surprise he runs out of steam. Patience and pacing is what he needs.
    Love the line work. What are the clips on the side of the dragonfly piece, not seen these before.
    The stitching is all looking good.
    Look after yourselves.

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  2. It’s always such a trial, isn’t it – you want to recover quickly, but you know that if you push it too much, you’ll just end up taking longer. My best wishes to you both for John’s consistent recovery!
    The insects are coming along very nicely, aren’t they.

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