That’s May Done

I have put the goldwork Scarab into a frame and it looks rather good. When I get time I will rearrange the wall with all the other pieces on, it’s becoming quite a feature.

I bought Elsa a lovely tapestry kit a few years ago for her to pick up when she actually had a few rare, peaceful moments. It’s nice to have something creative that doesn’t take too much thought but scratches that itch. She has just put the last few stitches in and handed it to me to finish. After I’d backed it I dug out some weaving silks and made a complimentary edging cord and tassels.

When she came around to pick it up she also managed to nab the Day Out blanket I’d just finished putting the border on! I later received this photo. It all coordinates very well so I’m happy she has the blanket for her reading corner and the finished cushion to make it even more comfy.

Last weekend I went on a lovely workshop run by Fazey Woodcrafts to make a birchbark pot, there was only three of us there. Jack supplied us with all we would need, basically just the bark and a knife! No pins or glue needed.

It was freezing cold but thankfully the high winds of the day before had died down as we had to be outside. I love the process and came away with a fabulous tactile little pot.

This week the Spring weather finally arrived! It’s been a mad frenzy of activity trying to catch up with all those garden chores, air the house and do all that Spring washing that needs outside and warmth to get it done! We’ve put the cushions out on the sofas and I’ve been adding ‘stuff’. One of the things I wanted to add was a Blue Star fern I bought a couple of years ago in Wales but it needed a pot hanger. The poor plant has been suffering a little inside so I’m hoping the shaded sunshine and fresh air will revive it again like last year. When I had my first flat there was a lady who owned a craft shop nearby, this was well before Hobbycraft and the like! She sold everything including macrame cord. It was a thing back then and it’s so funny to see it all coming back into fashion. I used to make really intricate, many tiered ones and she would sell a couple a week in the shop for me. I loved making them as when I was a Sea Cadet my first ‘badge’ was Knotwork and Ropecraft and I was permitted to wear a fancy lanyard on my Bosun’s Whistle which I had made as part of the qualification. I could even wear it to HMS Nelson and had an order for four more from one of the navel officers there as presentation lanyards. I was so proud. Anyway, looking up online to refresh my memory I found loads of videos and information, half of them poorly made or using weird names for the knots. I gave up and just went with my gut and a simple thing with reef knots for the fern. I’m pleased with it anyway.

I’m now feeling settled enough with the ‘spring clean’ to enjoy the garden and perhaps some outdoor creating. I hope you’re having good weather too!

Ozzy has a friend.

10 thoughts on “That’s May Done

  1. Oh gosh, macrame, the 70’s, part of a college course covering many crafty things like batik, crewel embroidery (on burlap for some reason), inkle loom weaving (we also made our own looms after a walk over to the woodworking department) that helped fill a graduation requirement. I still have a macrame wallhanging I made using a piece of driftwood to attache the cord to and incorporating a stone with a natural hole in it that my dad spotted on a fishing trip together. It has been stored for years because, as you note, macrame decor went out of style, but I too think it is having a resurgence. Maybe I’ll get mine out for a change from the art quilts. Your pot hanger looks just fine.

    Surprised that the outer bark that makes birch so recognizable is missing from your finished project but I like it just the same. That cushion and quilt indeed look perfect together.

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  2. Burlap/hessian was definitely a thing too! 😄😄
    The birch is used inside out once stripped. It’s very clever and simple when you see the tricks. 😉😁


  3. I would have expected the birch to curl the other way. The pile looks so beautiful I thought it was a sculpture.
    I have a nail and thread kite I made in the seventies with the threads looped up in a double overhand still waiting for the macrame tail to be finished! Very much of it’s time n gold lame thread!


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