And on into May

The rickrack, on second ordering, finally arrived! I had been up into my huge Cword bag and found the fabric that wanted to be with the reindeer. I have plenty of Scandi types but the one that elbowed it’s way to the front was this red and white stripe! For some reason it works for me, I think it may be that the red is just the right tone, but it did need the rickrack to be a separator. It’s not a cushion but it is padded as a panel.

The Scarab is coming along. This week I’ve stitched the legs in a weave with DMC Diamant thread. The wings have been pinned and stitched at the body.

Just one problem when I laid the actual body on top, it had drawn in! The outline on the cotton lawn and the pattern on the organza were the same size. With so much heavy long and short stitch it had pulled in. Time for some quick thinking and making good! I think there will have to be some un picking of the Diamant outlining but I think I’m getting away with it!! The Pearl purl edging will help.

Huge progress on the Black Sheep Wools Knit A Long this week as I decided to stitch all the parts together. I have actually run out of the beige for the last three blocks so I’m waiting for that to arrive. At least I can start the edging which I think is going to be a loooong slog! I’m at the point of just wanting it done and out of the way now. I’ve swapped my week 1 blocks and week 8 blocks around. The week 8 is a lovely pattern but it’s one you have to read every single line on the pattern and week 1 is just easy to bang out from memory! Yes I know, a bit lazy but I want it done! I’m not overly fond of the colours, the beige is too dull and the mauve is too puce for me, but it’s merino yarn and feels lovely.

There have been some interesting techniques used by the designer, the worst of which was using American terms which had the majority of knitters doing the pattern yelling. I just hope it doesn’t catch on, it’s bad enough in crochet, knitting doesn’t need the language problem too!

The solar jars are cooking nicely. Hard to photograph with the light behind them but even the gorse has leached out a colour as I’d hoped.

Other than that it’s trying not to freeze on the golf course and waiting and hoping we can get on with planting some vegetables out in the garden some time soon! We had one tiny slither of warmth one day and I managed to do a bit of the knitting outside while John pottered. It was rather nice and we can’t wait to do more of it! Come on Spring, you’re late!

9 thoughts on “And on into May

    1. It’s annoying that I hadn’t thought about this happening. I also think there perhaps could have been a warning in the instructions as working so densely on fine organza is going to have an effect. Anyway, sorted now!


  1. That red stripe fabric and red ric rac just finishes off your reindeer panel perfectly and the scarab is absolutely gorgeous! Are there a lot of differences between US and UK knitting then? I know they say bind off instead of cast off but don’t do a lot of knitting so haven’t met many.

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    1. A few niggling ones like wyab (with yarn at back) and wyif (with yarn in front) instead of yb and yfwd and 3/3 LC or 3/3 RC instead of C3L or C3R in cablework. Not too much fun when you’ve spent a lifetime knowing what a pattern reads!!!

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  2. The scarab beetle is stunning, I love the colours too. I was almost tempted by the kal when I saw it on Claire’s blog – I say almost asmy knitting skills are definitely not up to it, it’s a lovely design 🙂

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    1. Thank you Margaret. It’s been a nice KAL for all the different squares but I’m glad it’s done now! Other things to be doing. 😄


  3. It’s a pity the instructions didn’t warn you on the scarab, but the pearl purl edging will almost certainly make good the deficit. And to be honest, everyone looking at it – except you, for the first couple of months! – will be too dazzled to see anything amiss!

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