March End Round Up

Two posts in one day!!! This is just a post to change some colours on my table really.

The stumpwork Dragonflies are finished.

I have put them in a deep frame and they make lovely shadows.

I’m a little way further on with the Reindeer, correcting the printing mistakes as I go.

Also the Stitch Wheel has moved on and I’m part way round the 4th circle now. There are a few I have used before, some I had with the Dragonflies too, but there are plenty I haven’t tried before. I was really taken with the Heavy Chain as I could see uses for it. It’s the top right purple and blue one.

You know I don’t mention the C word until December has arrived but I did finish the Marys and added a Joseph.

Now, if you’re keenly eagle eyed, which I’m sure many of you are but not particularly about my blog, you may have spotted a change with the Marys. The original Jean Greenhowe Nativity didn’t have legs. With this pattern they do have legs which I did make for them. Which I then decided I didn’t like! They were a pain to keep stood up and I could see them just being annoying. For the Joseph I did away with making the legs and went straight to the torso and then added a card base which I crocheted a circle to cover, stuffed the tunic skirt and stitched to two together. He stood perfectly so I added the same to the Marys. All the others will be done the same way now.

Three weeks ago I started a zoom course to learn about making fabric fungi. I have several glass domes I want to add some beetles and moths to so I thought making some fungi would give them a bit of nature to sit in. Well we did week one and then the tutor caught Covid and has been out of action for a couple of weeks. I just carried on where I left off and made my own variations which I am really pleased with.

I’m hoping to start thinking about the entomology part soon. Maybe once I’ve cleared the Stitch Wheel out of the way.

The Black Sheep Wools Knit A Long is coming along nicely. We’re now on Week 3. Week 2 was 8 blocks of a lovley weave pattern which took a bit of getting into the head but I can now do them without the pattern which makes life easier not having to look at that ll the time. Only two more to do on that one though.

The Rico Merino kit version is at the bottom and my Rico Soft Wool version is at the top. I’ve also bought yarn for another sweater for me as a TV knit as it’s mostly stocking stitch. I haven’t touched the Bieldy slipper things for a while as I lost patience with them too quickly. I am also hoping that the Batik Elements yarn for Olivia’s cardigan will be back in stock again soon as I have only the button band to do. It’s been a very annoying wait, I hope it will still fit her!

That’s all my catchup for now. I had my jab last Saturday and was ok with it. A day or two of the achyness and a bit of a headache but not too much at all. We’ve all had our first jab here now so looking forward to some safer times ahead and a summer to enjoy!

Stay safe.

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