And We Have Snow

Well everyone else has some so about time we did too. It won’t last long though. Having been born and lived by the coast all my life it is still exciting to me as it’s so rare! We live inland by 20 miles now but still in the south so we do get the odd sprinkling.

I’ve been playing with the Temari Not balls this past week or so and have finished four.

The wrapped ball came out well. Of course all the busyness of the stitching helps hide the seams and darts but I’m glad it’s a piece used and not still in a drawer.

The others were black and white silk fabric pieces stitched down and stitches added, fishbone stitch leaves with beads added and silk pieces pinned.

I pinked the silk in 1cm squares grading the colour from pale green to pale pink but all of them had a pink smaller square, a piece of pink chiffon and an orange bead on the pin.

I also found another completed real Temari ball in a bowl un Willowed! It must have been one of my first ones as I wouldn’t have given it away with the wonky hexagon!

I’ve been doing a teeny tiny bit of cross stitch on linen and a single strand of pure silk thread.

Each cross is almost 2mm, eyestraining!

And for my sins I am now doing another. This time Snapdragons to go with the daffodils.

I am choosing not to do a lot of the Smyrna stitch the pattern asks for as a double layer of crosses is hardly noticeable on such a tiny thing and my patience and eyes can only take so much!

My studio is in a conservatory and my shoulders become very cold sitting at my desk so I knitted a quick shawl capelet by Stephen West this week. It works almost instantly in just warming where I need it without adding thickness.

Other than that it’s been a case of getting up, entertaining the dogs, pottering around the house and some more knitting! I’m sure a lot of you are the same. The garden is coming to life. The birds are starting to sing in the morning. There is the hope of the summer to come. But the winter has its moments. This was taken the Friday afternoon as the sun was almost down but the rains came in a huge burst.

The light really was that colour.

Stay safe whatever the weather you have.

17 thoughts on “And We Have Snow

  1. We are fellow snow people Amanda. I know it was expected but it generally passes us by. We are house-bound with the one road closed due to flooding and the other due to snow. Back to normal tomorrow hopefully ☃

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  2. We’ve not had snow this weekend, but we did have lots last week! I love your embroidered almost a temari ball, the cream one, it’s gorgeous. The chiffon one reminds me of hydrangeas. Love the sunset photo too 🙂

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  3. Snow free here but as everything mostly gets dumped on the Pennines we usually get away lightly this far east! The temari balls are looking fabulous and I love the single strand cross stitch – that’s my size of working!

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  4. No snow here. I love to see the animal tracks in snow too.
    Are the balls becoming a little bit addictive? They got me for a while! I love the variety of textures you have created.
    What a glow in that last photo – it was similar, but not so bright, here last night but my camera refused to capture the colour.

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  5. We had a good dusting of snow (I saw 8 snowmen each about 4ft tall on the cricket green today!). The balls are beautiful – I want to reach in and fondle them (if you’ll pardon the expression!). Keep safe xxx

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