Catch Up

I have quite a list of completed projects. I’ll start with a chunky cardie I made for me to wear around the house. A nice easy pattern that knitted up quick. I’ve added pockets since taking this photo.

I also finished a waistcoat for Grandson which he had chosen. To be honest the mis matching of the yarn pattern jarrs with me. I did try a bit of matching but it wouldn’t work. But then, why be like others out there when you can have unique!

So now the post gifting catch up. The pattern for the December Year of Squares came out.

I soon had it made and all pieced together for a gift.

I knitted son Chris a sweater. I had to do some imaginary cuddling to work out his size and I’m over to moon I got it spot on!!

Each year I try and make the kids a bauble. This year it was to be a set of cross stitch ones but after completing this one I realised they were taking a little longer than I hoped. They’re on tiny plastic canvas and quite hard on the fingers. Anyway, this one has been gifted to Elsa’s lovely au pair who is many miles from home at a difficult time.

I did manage a few Arne & Carlos balls so Elsa and Chris had matching, if opposite, hearts from me instead.

I was lucky to have early access to the Black Sheep Wools Betwixtmas project so made this up too.

I was asked if I would become an admin on their facebook page and they gave me this as a thank you. I admin 8 other groups and moderate a couple more but none are as big as this one (just coming up to 10k) so it’s taken me a little while to get up to speed. A lovely group though. Mine is the Rowan Island Blends version and it’s beautifully soft.

Our Christmas as a whole has been lovely. It’s felt distilled down into a more meaningful time of being happy with the small stuff. Benta at SLikStitches gifted me one of her lovely Gingerbread Tomte. She has been making loads of these throughout lockdown and selling them off to raise funds. He is hanging out with my quilt one from last year.

Today has been peaceful and pottering. My favorite gift was from granddaughter Olivia aged 6.

All her own work!

Taking an idea from Margaret at CraftyCreek I made it into a very special Christmas small.

So the close of the year I have been quite creatively busy. I have actually learnt quite a lot about myself this year. I’m learning to recognise things I may like but I don’t need to actually do them myself. I am learning to slow down, to not rush in with mad ideas or hopes or wants because I don’t actually always really want that. I did a abstract portrait class with Ardith Goodwin because I enjoy her work. I even own one of her portraits (having a person or face in art in this house is incredibly rare!! I don’t like seeing people in art!!) but, though the course was good and I was doing ok, I didn’t love it. I suppose all the tidying and sorting has made me realise how many different balls I’ve been juggling and it’s muddied the waters a bit. I have a huge long arm quilting machine that never gets uncovered anymore and a kiln that never gets heated up now. I should move them on really they’re just more clutter. It’s so un me thinking like this! 😄

It’s been a while since I updated my table!! It took a bit of sorting to be honest. All done for now though and I’m rather pleased I started it at the beginning of the year. Look at all those dark newly finished projects! I HAVE been busy despite the weirdness of it all and losing the will to create. Even if there is a lot of yarn stuff in there it’s kept me busy and my brain engaged. I don’t need to scratch the arty itch as often as I used to. I am satisfied just creating, whatever.

Other than that I have been posting off this lot! It was 250 GSP Rescue calendars and 150 packs of cards. In the end we had 16 calendars left. Not bad going if you ask me!!!

The village has been very supportive this year but especially these past few weeks. Lots of little incentives for the children to remember nicer things about the year. Last Sunday the sun shone and we had Father Chrismas (not a spelling mistake) being driven around the village by Milly giving out sweets and collecting donations for the food bank. Our sleepy little village had a really busy, happy vibe about it and quite a large van was filled to help others.

I’m now off to go into recovery mode and perhaps start up a new table for the New Year.

Stay Safe wherever you are and lets all hope 2021 is a huge improvement on 2020!!!

Thank you for still reading XXX

All the Christmas makes on show!

12 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. Very impressive knitting and crochet as usual, and I love the little waistcoat. It’s wonderful to make something useful and beautiful and indeed to give it as a gift. Don’t move the long arm or the kiln along yet, you never know whether you may need them this year, I suspect there will be ample time for creative pursuits. I wish I’d kept my kiln, I was a potter for over 20 years and moved into textiles convinced I wouldn’t want to make ceramics ever again! This has proved incorrect…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your beautiful inclusions, and those of a lady who taught me silver clay, has had me toying with using the kiln. It’s only a Paragon SC2BW though and doesn’t really get hot enough. I believe there is one clay I can use. I may get around to it. One day! 😄


  2. So impressed with all those project you’ve completed through the year and I love your very wise words about discovering what you want for yourself this year. It may have been a difficult one but I think many of us have learned a lot since March. Best wishes for a happy and creative 2021.

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  3. Love Chris’ sweater and that it came out just the right size – not something I often achieved with actual body measurements to go by! And how adorable is that 6 year old’s embroidery? Very fine work at any age if you ask me. It bodes well for the future! Our little burg also had a pass thru by Santa and his helpers handing out gift bags to the kids, but his “sleigh” was NOT pulled by such a beautiful steed but by a police car, sirens blaring and lights flashing! And what a lovely family portrait – all smiles!

    I can relate a bit to your year of assessing. I too have finally quit feeling guilty about spending my time on creative endeavors not of the strictly art kind, realizing how much I actually have missed working on regular quilt projects, knitting, and making books. The breather from exhibiting and the deadlines it imposed to put out sellable gallery work has opened my eyes a bit to what ufo’s got left in the dust that I really want to return to. Big plans there for the new year!

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for 2021 – after a well-deserved break!

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    1. I too think the taking away of exhibition pressure has been beneficial. I had the chance to exhibit with a mixed group where I’d only need to produce 3 or 4 things rather than a whole roomful on my own and I was looking forward to that one. But I’m not too worried about any of it now. It will be what it will be! 😄
      Enjoy your UFOing Sheila. 😊


  4. As always Amanda I love all your knitting projects – so varied, super colours and textures – and obviously appreciated by your family. I was particularly interested in your thoughts about spreading yourself too thinly creatively. It’s really tempting to try new things and be open to all opportunities but then you sometimes end up diluting what you produce. One of the reasons I’m not tempted to learn to knit and crochet!!!! Although very keen to try mosaics while we still have time on our hands ………..

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  5. What a productive time you have had. Love the little ginger bread house, it was worth the time it took. It will no doubt be treasured. The creative projects certainly help with well-being.

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  6. I really like grandson’s waist coat – who’d would have thought the sides would be so different! The different squares made into a lovely blanket – super colours. Chris’s jumper and the shawl are lovely but the embroidery from Olivia is my favourite! (Lovely to see the JuleNissen on the tree)

    Liked by 1 person

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