Put a Plaster On It

The tin book is now just about finished, but the tin itself may need some work at some point.

It’s a lovely dressings tin, I’d say from the ’50’s or ’60’s by the font, so I don’t want to leap in there and then regret it.

I was finishing off the pages and realised I had added a few words about the sadness of a mess we will all be in if we lose the insects.

There has been a noticeable reduction in insect splats on the windscreens of cars over the past few years. I think the tide is starting to turn in their favour but will it be enough and in time?

We can but hope. Having this book in a dressings tin is perhaps a hope we can put a plaster on the mess we have made of things.

10 thoughts on “Put a Plaster On It

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