Little Book Finish

I really enjoyed putting this one together.

It turned out nice and fat and full.

A lot of the pieces are very dimensional.

Here are a few of the inserted pieces on their pages.

All the finished stacks together before I put them in the book.

Of course that has led me on to wanting to make another. This time in a tin!

The page(s) are coming along and building nicely for this one too.

I am first in the line when it comes to asking what’s it for? Why do you want to do that? and all the other silly questions that stop me from making.

I’m forcefully telling that part to go do one and I will have piles of things if I want them.

The what’s it for can be answered by just having the opportunity to be creative and enjoy the process.

It’s for peace of mind.

It’s for me.

14 thoughts on “Little Book Finish

  1. Those pages look wonderful – I have been trying to make a fabric scroll today and finding it much harder than I thought to hit the right note. You make it look effortless.
    Your book in a tin looks fascinating.
    All the same questions were tumbling around in my head today as well!

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  2. They are just beautiful, they look so tactile too. I’ve given up asking myself why, in fact last time my OH asked why I was making something, I just said ‘because I can!’, I just enjoy the process of being creative.

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  3. I love this book Amanda and particularly liked the way you created all the ‘stacks’ ahead of compiling the pages. I have so many little bits of left-overs, more textile-based than your lovely found objects, but I really want to assemble some stacks myself to put into a leaf book I’m just about to make. Would you mind, when I get round to posting, that I directly reference you and your blog page? I’d love other people to see what you’ve been doing.

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    1. Yes of course you can then I can see what your up to as well! 😃 I’m really enjoying finding home for all the little bits. It’s most satisfying!


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